Check Subscription Email

Sometimes you will inherit a prior coworker’s e-mail address, thus you receive e-mail sent to her e-mail address, yet your mail client’s “To” line will show your name, not hers. (This happens when an administrator assigns you an SMTP e-mail address ([email protected]) rather than setting up a distribution group or a forwarding address). Similarly, your inbox may receive e-mails to general addresses like, “[email protected],” yet the “to” line shows your name. If you used our e-communication’s “unsubscribe link” to get to the “subscriptions” page, then the e-mail address to which it was sent should have automatically been populated for you. However, if you want to know to which e-mail address an e-mail was sent, follow the steps as shown in these images to view the “detailed e-mail header” information.

Microsoft Outlook:


Check Email Gmail