Physician-Created Hydration Beverage Expands to New Territories

    Bay City, Mich. – ShineWater, the company that created “Sunshine in a Bottle” with their Vitamin D packed beverage, is growing its team across the country to accommodate expanded distribution. 

    Founding their brand on the need to address Vitamin D deficiency in the majority of Americans, the company is shining a ray of light in several new markets such as North and South Carolina, Virginia, Iowa, Indiana and Illinois. When looking in those states, consumers can find ShineWater in QuikTrip, Publix, 7-Eleven and HyVee stores.

    “ShineWater is seeing incredible growth and we are ecstatic to be welcoming these new team members,” said Rod Hildebrant, Owner of ShineWater. “By strategically hiring for regions across the country, ShineWater can now be found in over 3,000 retail locations and we are adding partners at light-speed.”

    The company has added several new hires, including two sales directors, a director of national accounts and three territory managers. There are currently several positions open for territory brand managers.  The team expansion means consumers will be seeing ShineWater in a store near them very soon.

    One of the primary reasons ShineWater is seeing such quick growth is because of its physician-developed formula, a clinically tested product that has proven real health value that is based on nutritional science. With a physician-created recipe, the team at ShineWater felt it was imperative to keep doctors involved as they expanded the business. Drs. Charlotte Grayson and Allen Stewart have been named official members of the ShineWater Medical Advisory Board.

    “We are excited to continue working with ShineWater on formulating the best tasting + good for you beverage on the market,” said Dr. Charlotte Grayson. “Our roles are meant to continue advising the team as to how they can sell the best, vitamin-rich drink to consumers across the country.” More information about ShineWater is available at