Michigan-Based Better Health Market & Cafe Opens New Dearborn Store

    NOVI, Mich. – Better Health Market & Café today announced the opening of a new store located at 22250 Michigan Ave. in Dearborn.

    The new Better Health Market & Café offers customers an expansive organic offering including the area’s largest vitamin and supplement department, onsite nutrition experts, an expanded gourmet Prepared Foods department and indoor and outdoor dining spaces. The new store in the heart of west Dearborn’s walkable downtown replaces the 1330 N. Telegraph Better Health Store. This is the Michigan-based, family-owned company’s 14th Better Health location.

    The market highlights healthy foods that are lower-in price including halal and kosher and products. Doors opened Friday, January 21.

    In addition to organic produce and natural foods, supplements, a full frozen food section, bulk foods, beer and wine, and its popular juice and coffee bar, the 1,5000 square foot store has a full kitchen to produce made to order and prepared foods perfect for aimed for larger events including family holidays and corporate breakfasts and luncheons.

    “We are excited to open this new location in walkable, downtown west Dearborn to offer even more Dearborn residents and employees in the city, a larger selection of fresh prepared foods and products to help them live a healthier lifestyle,” said Tedd Handelsman, founder and president of Better Health Store. “Our family legacy is focused on creating stores that are judgement-free – to help Michigan become a heathier state. The creation of this store does just that with our mission that shoppers in our stores don’t need to read the labels to avoid harmful ingredients, because we do it for them. We simply don’t let products with known harmful ingredients on our shelves.”

    “Despite the current environment, we feel this is time is right for us to open this new location as customers have asked for it. There is an increased interest in taking our own health. Even if it’s junk food snacks like potato chips, we are going to offer the cleanest brands that taste great. If someone is looking to add more supplements to their lives, we offer lines without unnecessary fillers. We are here to answer questions the community may have about healthy lifestyles.”

    Better Heath Market & Café’s offers a unique natural market as each location throughout the state is staffed by nutrition experts knowledgeable about the products on the shelves. Items the store sells, includes lower-priced, fresh organic produce, sugar-free, pasture raised humanely raised organic meats, as well as plant-based meat options and low carbs and Keto lifestyles options.

    Additionally, the new store has a full-line grocery with natural, organic, locally grown and non-GMO food; a wide array of vitamins and supplements from such top brands as Megafood, New Chapter and Whole Earth; Michigan wine and sulfite-free, vegan, Biodynamic wine; gluten-free and locally brewed craft beer; and a large selection of organic health and beauty products.

    The Café incorporates instore and online ordering and on-the-go customers items including sandwiches, wraps and burgers; freshly made smoothies and its popular juices and coffees; vegetarian and vegan options; soups and an organic salad bar. The Café is known for its Michigan Vegan Better Health ‘Whopper,’ savory chicken wraps, flavorful fresh ingredient salads, and delicious vegan and keto cookies that attract foodies from miles away. A place to indoors or out, purchase vitamins & supplements, complete full grocery shopping, it also has gift items and an extensive chocolate bar section with unique chocolates from around the world.

    It also carries new and trending foods long before they can be found in other stores.

    “We pride ourselves in being on the cutting edge of foods and products that aid in optimal health, but also in offering snack foods that are healthy and trending – and taste good such as vegan cheesy popcorn, Medicinal mushroom high-quality coffee, and protein chips and crackers, as examples.”

    Better Health offers a wide array of its products for purchase via an online shopping at http://www.thebetterhealthstore.com with curbside and delivery options via Instacart and Fed-Ex same day delivery of certain items including vitamins and supplements, food and grocery items, herbs and homeopathic products, digestive aids, bath and body care and household items.