Thinking about a Seasonal Job This Holiday? Start Looking Now

    Flexjobs 2With Halloween, the election, Thanksgiving, Christmas, ski season, and tax season approaching, there is an uptick in available openings for those looking for seasonal jobs.

    In fact, in order to prepare for peak holiday shopping season, the companies are expected to start recruiting seasonal workers more aggressively, hire them earlier and potentially increase their wages. With this high demand in mind, FlexJobs has identified 15 flexible seasonal jobs for workers to consider in their job search, as well as tips for finding high quality, flexible seasonal positions.

    “Seasonal jobs can be a great strategy for professionals to supplement income during the holiday season, and there is a wide variety of opportunities for seasonal work–from ski instructor to tax associate to election worker,” said Sara Sutton Fell, Founder and CEO of FlexJobs. “But beyond that, seasonal jobs can also be a great way to gain experience and skills, build upon your resume, provide a foot in the door with a company to a permanent position.”

    It is a misconception that the only opportunities for seasonal work are entry-level customer service positions. Employers across industries seek workers to fulfill a variety of seasonal roles, and the fifteen jobs below illustrate the diversity of seasonal jobs currently hiring. Job categories featured on this list include sports & fitness, marketing, IT, education, arts & entertainment, accounting & finance, administrative, and others. Jobs were listed by companies such as Vail Resorts, New York Botanical Garden, Shutterfly, Macy’s, Liberty Tax Service, and L.L. Bean.

    Flexjobs 1Here are five tips for finding seasonal jobs.

    1. Start now: It is important for job seekers to plan seasonal job hunts long before the holidays are upon us. Companies begin hiring at the end of summer or early fall so that they can train and test their ability to handle holiday demand.

    2. Take Stock: Job seekers should take time to assess what they are looking for in a seasonal job and also how much time and energy they are capable of offering the position.

    3. Use keywords to search: Seekers should search an assortment of jobs in a range of industries to find out who is hiring. Using keywords such as “seasonal,” “holiday,” or “temporary” can help seekers find positions that fit their search.

    4. Look outside the regular seasons or holidays: Christmas and Thanksgiving are the biggest holidays or seasons for sales, so it makes sense that a lot of seasonal help would be needed, but there are two other seasons often overlooked during this time: tax season and ski season.

    5. Respect the job: Seasonal hiring may feel a bit more casual than traditional hiring, but it shouldn’t be treated as such. Plus, a seasonal job may lead to ongoing work and can be a great reference in other job seeking.