Making Dinner Can Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line – Here’s How

    Side ChefCooking can keep budding entrepreneurs healthy mentally and physically as well as teach them valuable lessons to apply to their business practices.

    That’s according to Kevin Yu, the CEO and founder of SideChef, an iTunes Top-10 cooking app. He put together nine reasons why every startup CEO should learn to cook this year. These are pretty spot on, so check it out.

    1. Save money: When money is tight, cooking and eating in the office allows people to save money and remain self-sufficient.

    2. Eating healthier: Cooks know what goes into the food they prepare, allowing them to eat healthier, which in turn makes them feel better and supports mental creativity.

    3. Take a break from work: Cooking offers a break to clear the mind and reduce stress.

    4. Team building: Coworkers can use cooking as a team building exercise where everyone is responsible for cooking part of a recipe or a dish. Working together in various environments toward a common goal leads to a stronger system.

    5. Positive work environment: Whether cooking together or for one another, providing sustenance for colleagues promotes a positive work environment, especially when baking treats for the office.

    6. Support local businesses: Startup CEOs can support fellow small businesses by going to local farmers markets and family owned groceries. This sets a good example for employees and shows them how small businesses can flourish.

    7. Networking talking point: Everyone loves to eat and talk about food, especially personal recommendations.  Socializing around cooking is a great way to bond.

    8. Cooking methodology: Various aspects of the cooking process can be carried over to business, including planning and preparation, sourcing, improvising, setting deadlines along the way and taking proper steps to reach an end goal.

    9. Healthy work, life balance: Being able to cook and partake in something enjoyable during the day promotes a healthy work-life balance so that quality of life does not decrease while a business is taking off.