Industry 4.0 Workshops Target Emerging Manufacturers

    GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. (July 30, 2021) – The Right Place, Inc.,Feyen Zylstra and The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center – West (aka The Center-West), are offering in person workshops designed to guide small and midsized manufacturers through creating sustainable change as they learn about and implement Industry 4.0 technologies for their business.

    The daylong workshops will be held at Feyen Zylstra’s Industrial Tech Center, 3085 Walkent Drive, Walker, MI, 49544.

    As of now, the group has confirmed two workshop dates: Wednesday, Aug. 25, and Tuesday, Sept. 21.

    Additional dates may be added based on interest. Cost is $150 per person. Participants may register at:

    The interactive workshops are geared toward owners, executives, facility managers, or anyone tasked with continuous plant floor improvement.

    Each session will break down the elements of Industry 4.0 with practical case studies and activities aimed at helping business owners and executives understand the technology available and identify which initiatives make the most sense for their operations.

    “While Industry 4.0 and IIoT are widely-accepted concepts on the plant floor, many manufacturers have yet to understand and harness the benefits and competitive advantage that they provide. We believe Feyen Zylstra’s ongoing Industry 4.0 partnership with The Right Place and The Center-West will assist area manufacturers with accelerating their access to digital transformation and smart manufacturing technologies,” said Ryan Cahalane, President of Industrial Technology, Feyen Zylstra.

    “This partnership provides a systemwide approach to improvement and adoption of proven manufacturing principals and implementation of the correct industry 4.0 technologies to advance a company’s vision,” said Justine Burdette, Vice President, Technical Services, The Right Place, Inc. and Regional Director, The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center – West. “There is great potential for productivity and quality gains with smaller to midsized companies through applying facets of Industry 4.0 to their operations.”

    Through attending the workshop, each participant will be able to apply the following to their business:

    • Understand their current state.
    • Understand the steps needed to sustainably introduce Industry 4.0 technologies to their best benefit.
    • Recognize the potential Return on Investment this transformational change can provide.
    • Develop a timeline for the implementation of the best served technologies for their business.
    • Understand how the services of our implementation team can help transform and improve their competitive advantage.