How to be Ready and Nail Your Job Interview

    Now Hiring On Screen Shows Recruitment Online Hire JobsBeing invited to the personal, one-on-one, face-to-face interview implies your educational background and technical qualifications are in place. “The Interview” affords the opportunity to corroborate credentials with who we are, and permits us to show how we can benefit them. Presence, passion, flexibility and leadership values are all on the table, so to speak.

    Employers seek those who possess the proverbial “X” factor … Possessing highly prized people skills will distinguish you, and the confidence you exude the moment you walk through the door is noticed. …

    Assume the sale! Walk through the doors as if this is your building, as if you already work there, as if the person with whom you are meeting is already your boss or manager. Project positive energy and a can-do attitude; be that person others want to get to know more!

    Research the company, interviewers and learn proper name pronunciation. Learn nearest competitors and understand how they distinguish themselves. Be well-informed regarding business activities and industry trends.

    Prepare questions for the interviewer relative to the (company’s) accomplishments and future challenges … ask why they work for this company; you are evaluating each other! Phrase questions as if you are already their first choice for the job. Ask the interviewer how they view you and your expertise benefiting them and their company. Have them articulate this. Then bring this answer full circle in your closing remarks.

    Be well-rested, mentally prepared and “fully present” to perform at your personal best.

    Dress for the position you seek.

    Upon arrival, cell phones and other devices: off; no one and nothing else is more important.

    Visit restroom for final visual, and wash and dry hands thoroughly to help eliminate clammy hands – the “kiss of death!” Pop a breath mint.

    STAND in the reception area and leave your right hand free to shake hands. Do not assume a first-name basis, yet; ask first. Make good eye contact when speaking.

    Permit your interviewer to be seated first. Refrain from fidgeting, inattentiveness, touching face/hair. Good posture cannot be overstated. Decline offers of coffee, croissants, etc.

    Share a leadership story to include choices you made and how they have lead to the next level that has brought you here today. Even with administrative positions, interviewers want to know if you would be that person others look to in stressful/unusual conditions.

    Discuss accomplishments in a non-boasting way i.e. “I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to….”

    Be prepared to share your passion and how you feel this could help make a difference in the company or even the world, in some small (or large!) way.

    Top tips:

    • ensure references are willing to speak well on your behalf!
    • have nothing out on social media about which you would not want a prospective employer to know or view.
    • wait for the interviewer to initiate the topic of compensation.
    • interview the interviewer, as well.
    • send an email “thank you” and a personal thank you note the same day.

    If you want the job, ask for it. Make this question about the time frame relative to the position – not you and your candidacy. Ask, “Are you able to provide me with the internal time-frame and criteria for this position?”

    Above all, be yourself. Project a positive attitude and you will attract positive reaction and results, whether you want the job or not!