• Ford’s Hometown Has a New Model A: Artspace

    Dearborn is positioning itself as a destination for art. Can this company town pull it off?
  • Bucking A Trend

    This a multifaceted story, one that includes one of America’s iconic brands, an avid race car aficionado who earned his stripes for nearly 20 years before returning to the third generation family business, and saving that company from what might have been decay and failure had some of the lessons he learned not been put in place.
  • Closing the Gap

    Companies, faced with shortages of skilled workers, get increasingly creative
  • With Health Being the ‘Great Motivator,’ Wearables Are Gaining Popularity

    Technology is often blamed for being a barrier to human interaction, but there are some wearable tracking devices that help people learn more about themselves. And experts anticipate such devices will change the healthcare industry.
  • Companies Get Boost in Visibility Being Named to ‘Inc. 500’ List

    There are moments when a company and its management know something special has happened, and for a growing number of companies that monumental event is gaining national recognition through inclusion on the Inc. Magazine 500.
Andrew Carnegie

Carnegie’s Wisdom on Mining for Gold

In today’s environment of high-velocity change, a business’s technology, product innovation or unique distribution are only fleeting advantages.  In fact, the only sustainable competitive advantage is an organization’s talent and how reliably they perform. Andrew Carnegie came to America from his native Scotland when he was a small boy, did a variety of odd jobs, […]

Colorful hands up - happiness or help concept

Winners Lauded for Efforts in Corp! Magazine’s 10th ‘Salute to Diversity’ Awards

Donna Murray-Brown, CEO of the Michigan Nonprofit Association, sums up the feelings of many Michigan business leaders when she makes the case for the importance of diversity in the workplace. “As important as diversity is to our core values, it is also just good business practice,” she says. “In order to have meaningful impact for […]

Jets on the Tarmac

4 Tips for Stress-Free Business Travel

Over the years, I’ve traveled for business a lot — sometimes alone, but often with colleagues. One time, I found myself traveling with a colleague I didn’t know very well. We were both rushed to get work done before the flight, so we gave ourselves very little time to get to the airport. Everything had […]