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Are You Prepared To Tell Your Company’s Story?

Have you ever had that dream where you find yourself on center stage and can’t remember your lines? Everybody is staring at you and recording everything you do. You’re not prepared and the stage fright starts to take over. In today’s world, this nightmare often becomes a reality. Everything you say tells the story of your brand. There […]

Hand writing the words Team Work on virtual screen

How Job Satisfaction and the Role of Management Fits Together

Many organizations deal with employees that do not perform to standards. One of the most frustrating things for managers and supervisors is to have employees who continually repeat the infraction. However, when the issues continue managers and supervisors are left to discipline and more likely terminate the individual. One of the critical factors impacting work […]

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Becoming a True Servant Leader

The greatest generals in history knew that wars could not be won without the loyalty of their troops. Likewise, you cannot and will not win in business without the loyalty, respect and determination of your team. Loyalty is not gained by simply barking orders. Respect is not the result of instilling a sense of fear […]

People solving a problem

Proper Planning is More Than Asset Allocation

Here’s the thing…good planning avoids conflict. But, good planning is much more than asset allocation. Advisors implore their clients to plan for the future. They often use disturbing techniques like horror stories of deplorable outcomes due to a lack of planning. Usually the disturbing track is about a loss of money either to the tax […]

Man in a Bear Market - Losing Money in the Markets

Are you Setup For Failure?

The business world is moving at a rapid pace. We see the creation, the merger and the transition of numerous businesses due to overwhelming globalization, technology, and Internet conductivity. Every morning we open up such periodicals as the Wall Street Journal reading about new entrepreneurial ventures. These are very exciting times for the organizations that […]

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Is Including a Wellness Program an Effective Business Strategy?

With health care costs increasing annually, employee wellness is a top priority for many employers looking to improve their bottom line. Kandi Lannen, director of wellness at Priority Health, explains the financial impact of wellness programs and why healthy employees are a win-win for the workplace. According to the Centers for Disease Control, studies on […]

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