• Driving the Future

    SAE World Congress remains premier ‘face to face’ opportunity for those influencing vehicles we’ll be driving years from now.
  • An Economic Engine Revs Up

    Grand Rapids-based The Right Place celebrates 30 years of building West Michigan
  • Why Companies Should Do Culture Right

    The word “culture” can be a turn-off for executives and leaders. It may conjure images of unattainable workspaces—pingpong tables, in-house boot camp classes, Google-esque warehouses filled with employees at makeshift desks.
  • Is it Time to ‘Jump Off the Cliff’ and Start a New Company?

    Ninety percent of startups fail and with entrepreneurship at an all-time high, the competition has never been fiercer. While this is grim, entrepreneurs can find a little bit of comfort in knowing that their chances of success get incrementally higher with each business undertaken.
  • A Cure for the Summertime Blues

    As the weather heats up and summer arrives, don’t make the mistake of letting your team and your business cool down.
Businessman drawing a financial graph (histogram)

When It Comes to Going After the ‘Big Deal’ Key Questions Remain

Winning major opportunities with large, complex accounts can grow your business and propel your organization to new levels. But pursuing and losing the wrong deals can be costly. And winning them can be worse. In evaluating whether to pursue significant opportunities to win business, we’re all familiar with the conversations that drive the organizational decisions […]