During these unprecedented times brought to us by the Covid pandemic, most companies are facing massive disruption to at least some, if not all aspects of their business. Among the top challenges is acclimating to, and supporting a work from home environment for your employees on the fly. Join us for a comprehensive overview of how to be strategic about creating a work from home environment for employees while maintaining a motivation-rich culture from a company who has been entirely virtual since day one.

Presenter: Amber Redmann, CEO, Parasol Alliance

Amber Redmann is the CEO of Parasol Alliance, an award winning company and employer of choice for the company’s innovative corporate culture. Ms. Redmann will walk session participants through the key elements and best practices she has embraced to grow a highly motivated, highly productive virtual multi-state workforce by 400% since the company’s inception. This presentation will includes strategies for long-range planning as well as tactics you can apply today.

Approved for Continuing Education Credit