Your employees are exhausted. You are feeling more pressure than ever before — pulled from leadership to increase productivity and output while also seeing the stress on your employees. You know a change needs to be made but you feel like you lack the power and control to do so. So what can we do? Radical acceptance, nothing changes unless the system changes — both internal and external. And that means giving up the quick fixes and band-aid solutions that continue to promote a culture of burnout and imbalance. Join licensed mental health therapist, Kyira Wackett in this session, you will learn the 5-step process to actually create meaningful and sustainable change in your teams, pushing you to lean into discomfort, balance insight and action and anchor on what is in your control, letting of the shame narratives and external pressures that aren’t. With a balance of compassion and bluntness, she will deliver the hard truths and empower you to make the necessary and impactful changes you can make in your own life, in the way you lead and the role you play within the organization.

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  • Define and recognize burnout in yourself and with your employees
  • Name at least 3 risk factors that lead to workplace burnout
  • Name at least 2 things your organization is doing right now that don’t work
  • Outline a 5-step system that you can use to help address the underlying issues contributing to burnout and build a more inclusive and collaborative space
  • Name at least 3 next steps you can take now to begin to address