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Michigan Salute to Diversity Awards

Diversity and Multiculturalism Join us September 28th as Corp! Magazines Celebrates a Decade of Diversity.  For the last 10 years Corp! has been celebrating Michigan’s businesses and leaders who have displayed significant achievement in diversity with their organizations and community.  This year we will host a reception to celebrate the last decade of honorees, sponsors […]


The Spare the Air Employer Program helps Bay Area businesses get their employees to work through carpooling, transit and biking. Save by reducing payroll taxes for each participating employee. Commuter benefits improve employee morale and productivity. Employees save up to 40% on transit and vanpool expenses using pre-tax dollars. Biking or walking to work is healthier, reducing insurance claims and sick leave.


Michigan’s Food and Agriculture Awards

Michigan’s Food and Agriculture Michigan’s Food and Agriculture industry is the second largest economic sector for the State of Michigan. Corp! will again honor the companies that continue to make this industry a source of pride and economic growth. Examples of the types of companies/organizations that will be honored: food/beverage manufacturers and distributors, grocers, agricultural […]