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Author and Teacher Adds One More Accolade to Her Resume: Fullbright Specialist

Lynne Golodner has held many titles: Author, Teacher, Public-Relations Specialist, Business Owner. Now, she can add Fullbright Specialist to that list. One Earth Writing CEO and Founder, Golodner was recently named a Fulbright Specialist by the U.S. State Department, serving a three-year term beginning in April 2017. The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational […]

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In an era where retirement has become optional and Baby Boomers are looking at their “golden years” as a fresh start, an organization that dates back to 1958 and which has its roots in an organization called the National Retired Teachers Association has become increasingly relevant. It’s AARP—formerly the American Association of Retired Persons—that retains […]

DiChiera: To Inspire Creativity in Yourself and Others You Have to Make the Time

David DiChiera understands the work-life balance more so than the average American. After all, this is a man who started an opera company in Detroit, built a successful entertainment venue and composed beloved operas including “Cyrano.” This month, his Michigan Opera Theatre will conclude its 2016-17 season with “Cyrano,” the masterwork of MOT Founder and Artistic […]

Five Employee Tips for a Healthy and Productive Workday

Sitting behind a desk all day can be harmful over time, however, an investment in employee health can help reverse this harm. A Willis Health and Productivity Survey found that 93 percent of healthier employees led to more productivity, engagement and satisfaction at work. This has led to more employers starting, or expanding, workplace wellness […]

Hot Dog! Detroit’s Iconic American Coney Island Marks Century Milestone

You’ve heard of anniversary celebrations for friends and family. But how does a famous coney restaurant celebrate its 100th anniversary? With coney dogs, of course. To mark the momentous milestone, American Coney Island will host several community givebacks and giveaways in the week leading up to its official anniversary on Thurs., May 18th. They include […]

Spa-Inspired Shared Workspace Leverages Entrepreneur Trend

Starting your own business can be an exciting, intellectually stimulating time, but it also can feel isolating as you leave behind trusted co-workers and the social life of a busy corporate office. As the telecommuting trend continues to grow, freelancers expand their reach and companies look for ways to reduce costs, more people are going to […]

Football Helmet Manufacturer Taps Students to Innovate Football Safety

What happens when a group of creative students is challenged to research, design and, in some cases, redesign football-safety equipment? You get an amazing partnership that changes people’s lives at all levels. Xenith, an innovative Detroit-based football helmet and equipment manufacturer, and the College for Creative Studies (CCS), a private, fully-accredited college, have wrapped up […]

Higher Hopes! Distributing 140,000 Pounds of Food Through Unique Meal-Kit Program

Giving people an education is a great way to give them a head start. But if they don’t have the food they need to give them the energy to go to school, to study and to excel, then those educational opportunities may be missed. That’s something that Bill Birndorf wanted to prevent. Birndorf, who founded […]

SSAB Opens New Office with Swedish Influences to Serve Local Auto Market

When you walk into the new offices of Swedish steel manufacturer SSAB, you’ll find a red horse there ready to greet you. That traditional wood-carved dala house is a symbol of SSAB’s home country, and it is a touch that makes this office unique. As part of SSAB’s commitment to expanding its business in the […]

Baker College Highlights Diversity of Law Enforcement Careers

Nearly 250 high school students explored law enforcement careers at Baker College’s recent Policing Day. Attendees included students from the Southwest Macomb Technical Educational Consortium. Policing agencies represented included the Detroit and Wayne County police departments; DNR; Michigan State Police; and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, among many more.        

School, Business Partnership Creates Unique Lake Michigan Field Trip for Students

A conversation four years ago between a local company and officials from Grand Rapids Public Schools sparked a unique partnership that the school district says serves as an inspiration for other businesses to get involved in enlightening city school children. The result of that meeting between Open Systems Technologies (OST) and GRPS is several field […]

Business Attorney Uses His Love of Reading to Become a Children’s Author

E.M. Olson may be a business attorney by day, but he found he enjoyed writing children’s books so much at night that he not only did it once, he’s now finished his second book. Olson has penned a whimsical new book for students in kindergarten through 6th grade entitled “My Math Monster.” Olson’s new book […]

Comcast Cares Volunteer Efforts Brought Employees, Community Together

There’s power in numbers – especially when it comes to company-wide volunteer programs where thousands of employees and community members come together for a common good. In April, Comcast invited its Michigan employees and their family members, friends and community partners to volunteer with them on more than 25 service projects through the state. Called […]

Architecture and Interior Design Firm Gets Creative with its Office Renovation

One look around Kraemer Design Group’s office, and you quickly realize this isn’t your ordinary company in terms of design and culture. In celebration of 20 years as a leading high-end architecture, interior design and creative firm, Detroit-based Kraemer Design Group refreshed its 9,000-square-foot office space to better reflect the company’s future and the projects […]