Young IT Firm Brings Flat-Rate Billing and Green Processes to Market

    Krishna Kallakuri

    Working in IT for more than 13 years, Krishna Kallakuri makes it his focus to make IT green, easy to finance, and not a burden for businesses. As vice president of Tera Networks, Inc., Kallakuri works hard to do well by his clients and the environment.

    Tera Networks, a division of DataFactZ, provides tailored solutions to each of its clients’ IT needs, including computer and network management, maintenance, proper disposal of equipment and other services.

    “All small to medium businesses is best for what we do here. Businesses with 10 to 100 employees are an ideal fit for us,” says Kallakuri. Helping companies with their IT is important to Kallakuri because it’s important for the companies.

    For the services provided, the companies pay the same fixed rate, so “customers know what’s coming in” financially, says Kallakuri. There are no extra fees for using the 24/7 support, giving companies assurance of help whenever it’s needed.

    “We charge them a low monthly cost. If a customer wants 10 PCs and two servers they can get it without going through that upfront investment and we can still give them everything they need. And give them room for a working capital,” said Kallakuri.

    Kallakuri wants to help the community during these tough economic times. Being a young company, founded in 2009, Tera Networks goals is to “create more jobs” and “help small to medium business keep their cost down” so they can manage their businesses.

    “An accounting firm should be focused on driving business in accounting instead of fixing their PC or whatever it may be,” says Kallakuri. He believes companies should be able to focus on their core business needs instead of dealing with IT problems.

    Kallakuri wants to focus more than just on the economic future of the community, helping it be more “green.” Tera Networks has a green initiative called Tera G that helps companies reduce the amount of power consumption their IT equipment uses, properly recycle devices that are broken and reduce companies’ negative technological impact on the environment.

    He labels Tera G as the best business decision he’s made. “The green initiative helps the environment,” while extending help to the community as well.

    Tera Networks benefits the community when they help their customers discard their IT equipment, he says. In addition, Kallakuri says his firm always tries to fix the unwanted, broken equipment from clients. On one occurrence, Tera G staff were able to transform old computers into computers in good, working condition and later donated them to the Children’s Center in Detroit.

    Taking a page from the rise in cloud computing, the newest initiative for Tera Networks is Hardware as a Service (HaaS), which gives companies the ability to have hardware and service support combined as one.
    “Offering Hardware as a Service,, is unique for an IT company because not only are we serving as the client’s IT department, but we’re also providing the hardware to make that department operate successfully,” explains Kallakuri.

    When he’s not working on new green initiatives, Kallakuri enjoys being with his family. “I love to spend time with my family. That’s the best thing for me.”