From the publisher: Final Four Coverage too Focused on Economy

Being a Michigan State University alumnus and living in Michigan, I was thrilled with the Spartans making the final championship game. It was exciting to see a young and aggressive team beating the odds to make it to the final round. I had the pleasure of attending the final four game; what a great experience. There were so many great activities to participate in and enjoy-¦until I turned on the TV.

I wish the game was just the game, but the national media made it about the economy. Being that I live in Michigan, I was offended by the inferences that Michigan is doom and gloom. These young men were there because of their talent and their abilities on the court, not to save the Michigan economy as it was portrayed.

Attention national news media of the world: stick to sports! Michigan is growing. The film industry, renewable energy, materials and logistics, tourism, bio sciences, technology, food manufacturing, aerospace are all doing well, among others. In fact, Michigan is a great place to invest for both talent and industry. At Corp! we work hard to shine a light on these growing sectors, companies, people and those doing well to offset the drama being created.

Yes indeed, we have taken some hits in the last few years, but guess what? Every state has its problems. Many states have budget problems, many states have increased unemployment; everyone is in transition.

Why is it that the national media can’t leave a good feel-good story alone? Why do they feel compelled to smear doom and gloom all over it? Sensationalize, package and sell it seems to be their tactic.

It was fantastic having the home team in the Final Four and it did create positive energy. We came out and we celebrated. I want to make something clear to those not from Michigan: the only people talking about the economy that weekend were the broadcasters, not the folks attending the game.

Those young men deserve the recognition for playing good basketball, don’t put extra pressure on them to save the world. We have enough drama, let’s not manufacture more.