Don’t be embarrassed that you are doing well

I was at a community event recently and decided it might be fun to do my own unprofessional independent study on how business is doing given the state of the economy. With the news of the market crisis and the like I was wondering if it had a ripple effect on small business. Of the 30 companies that I asked “how is business,” not one said they were seeing the negative affects of the market. How can this be? Has it not trickled down to small business yet?

Being an inquisitive person, I probed a bit more. Many were up in their businesses, many have adapted, many were up in profits this year, and some were even having troubling hiring. One executive was actually whispering to me that he was up 40 percent and he didn’t want to talk too loud to be insensitive to those not doing well. My friends, if your business is doing well, I want you to Beat on a Drum, scream from the mountaintops, as many of us want to know that things are not all doom and gloom.

That is why we publish Corp! — to celebrate the positive business dealings and put a spotlight on what is going well so we all can learn and grow. Yes, we realize there is a slow economy but many still today are doing well. My best guess is that we have not yet seen the effects of the financial markets on small business and hopefully, we can stave it off. If your business is doing well…please share it with others as so many of us need to hear it. The lesson: don’t be embarrassed to share how well you are doing. Perhaps it’s just what the economy needs.