Building Rapport With Clients—Using ‘Gratitude Marketing’

Effective marketing means yielding a return worth the investment. To maximize the potential for effective marketing, the least amount spent over the highest exposure coverage, has been the leading model for quite some time.

But times have changed and the execution of this model doesn’t translate well to today’s marketable economy. Billboards and cold calls just don’t make it in this over-stimulated marketing atmosphere. To make it in this different era you have to adapt to not only the mode of getting the message out, you have to specifically adapt to whom the message is for.

Gratitude Marketing may be the solution to meeting your clients’ needs, and how you are able to create clients for life.

Imagine a scenario where you have clients calling you. Imagine not having to chase down and solicit referrals. When you take the time to create meaningful relationships with clients and then focus your attention on meeting their needs with an attitude of gratitude, you will be amazed at the change in all aspects of your business. Client retention will swell, profits increase and new clients will add enrichment to your life, not just the success of your company.

Going Back to Word of Mouth
Studies show that what drives marketing today is emphasizing happiness, giving, and creating meaningful experiences. People are searching for ways to feel good about themselves and their decisions by making connections that eliminate worry and simplify life. They are bombarded every single day with hashtags and advertisements on social media, across airport trams, buses, commercials, even just simply reading an article online. The simplicity of cultivating existing client relationships meets the unique and fundamental needs our human race is striving for.

Client Wish-List
Whoever can check off the most items on a client’s wish list will win over that client. I have boiled it down to three main items that matter the most.

  • They want to know how you will serve them
  • They need to know what to expect from you
  • They want to understand how communication will work between you and them

The saying “there is fear in the unknown” is true and operates in the minds of clients. The more they know you personally, how you will relate to them and what you bring to the table, the less unknowns there are and the more trust is formed. Trust is the basis for all lasting relationships.

Meaningful Methods
Striving for higher retention rates for longer term clientele is nothing new. It seems to be a constant struggle ever since the Age of Information distracted us away from relationship building to the newest gadget with higher conveniences. How are you going to retain clients when so much in the world is changing? It is impossible to keep up with every single new trend and niche market opportunity that fills up as quickly as it appeared. While it is important to keep your product relevant and services competent, you retain clients by making what is important to them, important to you.

Here are 6 distinctly simple concepts to show how Gratitude Marketing can work for you to create clients for life:

  • Kindness and generosity go a long way with clients who, in turn, spread the word about you in the most credible way possible.
  • Giving to others is also giving a gift to yourself. Not only does it enrich your life, it also improves your health.
  • It is more expensive and less effective to focus on attracting new clients. Extending existing relationships by nurturing them creates opportunity for referral and retention.
  • Your number one asset in your business is your relationships with your clients. Relationship building strategies will pay off more than sales strategies.
  • Systematic, reliable, and meaningful communication speaks value to your client. That value translates to confidence to get through tough market fluctuations when there is typically a loss of confidence.
  • Higher retention of assets creates a more stable and valuable practice. If you want to increase your recurring income for a more stable future long after you exit the business, your company’s value must be high and lifelong satisfied clients are the answer.

Dale Carnegie’s success leaves this quote a perfect stand-alone nugget of truth that reflects perfectly the impact sincere personal investment in the lives of clients can have.

“You have it easily in your power to increase the sum total of this world’s happiness now. How? By giving a few words of sincere appreciation to someone who’s lonely. Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but your clients may cherish them over a lifetime.”