Five Recruiting Myths – Busted!

About a year ago I had the same perception of recruiters and recruiting agencies as I am sure you do. Why use a recruiter when I can respond to ads in the paper, magazines, or online job boards (Monster, Career Builder, etc.)?

Now that I work for a recruiting and staffing firm my entire perception has changed! Not because I am the marketing manager, and my goal is to create more business, but because I see the benefits of using a recruiter and how hard they work to find each of our candidates.

During my past year I have come up with the top five recruiting myths I hear, and I want to bust them for you.

  • Myth #1 As a candidate I will need to pay a recruiter for services. The #1 question we get from our candidates. How much will it cost me? Busted: The recruiter is paid by the employer/client company, not the candidate they are trying to place. That is why a good recruiter will look out for your best interests – it’s in their best interest, too!
  • Myth #2 All the jobs I am looking for are on the job boards. I don’t need a recruiter for that. Busted: When a candidate works with a recruiter, you gain access to the “hidden” job market. Many companies do not use national job boards because they know they are too time consuming, too expensive, or realize people aren’t using them anymore. Companies will also use recruiting services for contract positions and confidential replacements. Companies know that time is money and having a critical role vacancy could cost them a bunch of money. They also know that the best talent is produced through a recruiter who they have partnered with. Companies like ours, iMPact Business Group, know what they do, and the company’s culture, providing the best candidate fit. The recruiter can produce 3-5 candidates available for an interview with a relatively short period of time – saving time and money. The only time you hear about the hidden job market (if you aren’t using a recruiter) is when you read that someone was hired by the company.
  • Myth #3 I will only be submitted to jobs that the recruiting agency is working with. Busted: Recruiters will target specific companies that use your specific skill set. If they are not currently working with the company, they will try! Remember, they are looking out for your best interest. If you want to be a part of a specific organization, just let the recruiter know which company, and allow the recruiter to use their contacts to try to make it happen.
  • Myth #4 – I am a good at job interviews, I don’t need a recruiter to tell me how to interview. Busted: A recruiter does not tell you how to interview. A recruiter can simply provide you with valuable insight on the company and the culture of the company to improve the chances of a successful hire. You may be a good at interviewing, but the recruiter knows the client better than you do.
  • Myth #5 – Recruiters are rude and unresponsive. Busted: OUCH! This statement makes us cringe whenever we hear it. Not all recruiters are like this. A candidate may once in a while encounter a bad situation in their recruiting process, but it doesn’t make the entire industry a bad thing. As matter fact, a recruiter really wants to make your experience enjoyable so they can build a long, mutually beneficial relationship with you. My suggestion is to partner with a firm you feel comfortable with.