Diversity is a Business Driver

Do you remember syllogisms from grade school? They were just one of those things that you committed to short-term memory just before the test, but actually kind of remember still -” at least when reminded of what they are.

Probably one of the most famous grade school syllogisms is:
1. All men are mortal.
2. Socrates is a man.
3. Socrates is mortal.

The same logic can be applied to the business world. Consider this:
1. Great employers make the most of their diverse resources.
2. Compuware makes the most of its diverse resources.
3. Compuware is a great employer.

There you have it in black-and-white. And Asian and Indian and European and Australian and disabled and gay and straight and young and old and…

Compuware is a great company. A successful, global company. And, diversity is high on the list of many reasons why.

The company’s success -” beginning in 1973 by combining three tax return checks to form a company which then grew into a global, billion-dollar tech powerhouse -” is 100 percent predicated upon intelligently getting the most out of all of its resources.

Turns out, diversity plays a huge role in that equation. Diversity is just part of the air the company breathes, part of the culture and the company’s core fabric.

Compuware is consistently recognized as an employer committed to diversity, and, yes, this has led to the company’s global growth, its ability to innovate and its position as a desired place to work. In addition to garnering this year’s elite award in the Diversity and Multiculturalism category of Metro Detroit’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For, Compuware also has been recognized as a 101 company for nearly a decade.

Is it coincidence that diversity and year-after-year employee satisfaction are characteristics of the same company? Probably not.

From entry-level staffers to managers to executives and even the board of directors, Compuware has a 35-year-plus record of tapping the best-qualified, most-capable workforce to get the job done and achieve the company’s business goals. Managers are even required to attend a full-day program called “Managing Inclusion,” focusing on how all employees are directly connected to the company’s strength and competitiveness.

Diversity is an actual business driver. Heck, even the company’s software is written in seven languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, German, Chinese, Korean and French.

Compuware also has officially formulated a diversity policy -” including a full-time director of diversity, diversity mission statement, targeted diversity outreach, recruitment, mentoring, internships, inclusion training, community outreach and a supplier diversity program.

The company strongly supports the Black Data Processing Associates, Michigan Council for Women in Technology and the Hispanic IT Executive Council. Compuware also hosts a highly integrated school in its headquarters and promotes several diverse charities and causes -” locally and globally.

Additionally, Compuware established several employee-initiated resource groups created around an aspect of common social identity. Current employee resource groups are organized for African American, Chinese, Indian and Latin American cultures, as well as a Compuware Women’s Association and a Military Veterans group. These help Compuware attract and retain a diverse set of the world’s most talented employees, along with supporting community initiatives and identifying and fostering business opportunities.

“Compuware’s greatness is driven through the strength of diverse ideas, perspective and the infusion of creative problem solving because of its diversity,” said Lori Walker, director of diversity. “We gain credibility with business partners, customers and the general public -” as well as increased sales -” because of our ability to understand the diverse needs of our global customers.”

So, syllogistically (is that a word?), one could say that:
1. Making the most of diverse resources is a smart business decision.
2. Compuware makes smart business decisions.
3. Compuware will continue to make the most of its diverse resources.

Socrates would be proud!

Doug Anter is public and analyst relations manager at Covisint (a Compuware subsidiary) in Detroit. He can be reached at [email protected].