Compensation, Benefits, Positive Environment Contributes to Workplace Success

Blue Care Network of Michigan is very proud to be named one of the 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in West Michigan and equally as honored to be named an elite winner in Compensation and Benefits.

As a health maintenance organization, customer satisfaction and promoting member health and peace of mind is a high priority and BCN is committed to serving its members by offering high quality care and service. BCN also has that same commitment to its employees and has created a culture where employees know they are valued. Blue Care Network takes a personal interest in ensuring the company’s success by offering competitive salaries and benefit packages, onsite wellness programs to encourage employees to commit to healthy lifestyles, tuition assistance so employees can pursue additional education and a company-sponsored 401(k).

Additionally, employees are given the opportunity to select the same health care products that are offered to BCN groups. This helps ensure that employees understand the product and benefits and can thoroughly assist our members.

BCN was also one of 20 companies worldwide to receive the 2008 Gallup Great Workplace Award presented by Gallup, which salutes companies with the world’s most productive and engaged workforces. At BCN, it is believed that offering competitive benefits, along with promoting a positive work environment, is a contribution to employee retention and helps create a workplace environment that values individual well-being and fosters team-consciousness and friendly, cross-divisional relations.

Joan M. Morehead is the vice president of Human Resources and Corporate Administration for Blue Care Network of Michigan, an elite winner in the category of Compensation and Benefits in 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work for in West Michigan. Morehead has written and produced “Package Yourself for Job Success,” an audiocassette program. She has also partnered in the development of a career focused program for high school students adopted by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, the Blue Line to success program. Blue Care Network of Michigan and its subsidiaries have more than 647,000 members. BCN is the affiliated HMO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.