The research is clear—inclusive environments are performance enhancers. They are characterized by higher productivity, less turnover and more resilient cultures. Organizations with employees who feel like they belong outperform the competition by as much as 202% . They are committed and passionate about the work they do, resulting in higher performance and lower turnover rates. Leaders who know how to cultivate positive emotion tap into an endless well of psychological capital – hope, optimism, confidence, resilience and belief – that has the power to keep people and teams innovating, creating value and more successful even in tough times. While basic research has shown that diverse and inclusive teams are better at problem-solving and fostering a global outlook, so many professionals still struggle with building strategies for the modern workplace that maximize inclusion and belonging at all levels. When advanced from a human and humane perspective, (DEI) challenges can become valuable opportunities for workplace inclusion, increased productivity, stronger team collaboration, and competitiveness amongst your market peers. This session will help professionals at all levels understand the varying levels of inclusion, and demonstrate how strategic (DEI) learning can build truly inclusive workplaces. Attend and learn the real, tangible and actionable steps to building a better workplace culture, using a proven method for culture change.

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Speaker: Devin C. Hughes, International Speaker, Thought Leader, Author
Approval Pending for 1 CE credit with SHRM and HRCI