We are living in a time of tremendous emotional and physical turmoil. Attendees will learn what Mental Toughness is and isn’t in the COVID-19 environment. They will gain the skills and insights into their thoughts, emotions, behaviors and work relationships. As we return to work employees will experience many different fears, anxieties and frustrations in which management will need to refine their approach to engage employees and not alienate them. The only way we can guide and assist others is when we understand ourselves and have Mental Toughness.

We will cover and gain an understanding of the following topics:

  1. What did Mom & Dad Teach me – Lessons Learned
  2. You Can’t Make Me
  3. What is Emotional Awareness & Control
  4. The Biology of Emotions
  5. My Perception is Your Reality
  6. Becoming Aware of Thought Distortion

Kent Sharkey, President & CEO, Ulliance, Inc

Kent Sharkey, president, chief executive officer, and founder of Ulliance, Inc. oversees strategic operations of the international service company that provides human resources services including employee assistance programs (EAP), wellness programs, training programs, organizational and leadership development, career transition services, professional health monitoring, and crisis management.

In the company’s 25 + year history, Kent has been instrumental in growing the company to serve more than 260 organizations throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Europe providing health and wellness programs to nearly one million people. Under his leadership and driven pursuit of excellence, the Ulliance team has assisted organizations of various sizes including many Fortune 500 companies to greatly reduce behavioral healthcare costs, resulting in saving millions of dollars for the organizations and improving the lives of their employees.

Approved for Continuing Education Credit