Using a person’s correct pronouns is an important part of respecting their dignity and personhood, much like using their correct name. Using pronouns in the workplace and beyond, normalizes respect for individual gender identities, especially transgender and nonbinary identities. In this session, we’ll learn that pronouns are part of our identities, and using the correct ones is not only the right thing to do – it can save lives.

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Learning objectives:

  • Identify terms and definitions relating to gender identity, gender expression, and gender-diverse communities
  • Develop supportive strategies using pronouns that create a sense of belonging
  • Elevate your allyship by building accountable practices for transgender and diverse communities

Speaker: Jamie Suchomel, Executive Director of DEI, UW-Madison Police Department As a DEI executive, influencer and educator, Jamie Suchomel has 10+ years of experience working with organizations, nonprofits, and government agencies seeking to advance their mission by promoting DEI values for the benefit and development of their workforce and communities served. An experienced DEI thought leader with a background in sales, Jamie has prioritized relationship-building and service in order to design effective strategies for integrating DEI principles into organizational practices. She has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and holds a Certified Diversity Executive designation from Institute for Diversity Certification.