Fitness Guru Becomes Author to Share His Life Story and Healthy Outlook

    Dean Mitchell

    WomanMissingInTheMirrorFrom scrubbing floors and fitness equipment to managing the day-to-day operations of big-box clubs, Dean Mitchell has held pretty much every job in his career as a health and wellness expert. Now, he’s added a new title: author.

    The owner of one of Downtown Northville’s successful fitness businesses, Mitchell Fitness Solutions in downtown Northville, recently released his first book, “The Woman Missing in the Mirror.”

    With more than 15 years in the fitness industry, Mitchell has trained women all over the country. He outlines those tools in his book to will help guide women looking to achieve their health and fitness goals. “The Woman Missing in the Mirror” began as a means to bridge the gap between a woman’s true physical potential and her ability to actually achieve it.

    In a deliberate attempt to not offer “just another fitness book” filled with fancy words and concepts that only a highly-educated fitness professional would be able to apply, Mitchell’s wanted to provide the reader with the precise tools needed for her success. He highlights a key ingredient that he feels is overlooked in virtually every program offered today: His “Make It Work with What You’ve Got” motto, which addresses the idea that you don’t need to dramatically alter your life to achieve the look you want.

    The book is also filled with stories of the women he has worked with and the challenges they’ve faced along their journeys, along with how they were able to overcome them. In the book, Mitchell also shares his own deeply personal story outlining a dark past filled with turmoil and tragedies It is through these stories that he is able to illustrate how one can apply his principles to their own life and the challenges, regardless of how difficult they might seem.

    Mitchell will be hosting a book signing at Browndog Treats, Drinks & Eats in Downtown Northville from 6-9 p.m. on April 27.

    Having a business in Downtown Northville “has been one of the greatest business decisions we’ve made to date because of the people who surround it,” Mitchell said.

    “The community goes out of their way to ensure they are supporting the local businesses first whenever possible,” Mitchell added. “We have been blessed to not only watch our business flourish but have also developed some personal relationships that will surely last a lifetime. There is nowhere else we would rather be.”