Stefanini Enhances Total Talent Services with New AI Smart Candidate Matching, AI Proctor Technology

        SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — Stefanini Group, a $1 billion global technology company specializing in digital solutions, with locations in 41 countries across the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia, announced today it has enhanced its total talent services with AI Smart candidate matching technology, and innovative digital assessment with AI proctor technology.  These new digital tools enhance Stefanini’s ability to curate, auto-rank and qualify candidates through its readily available talent ecosystem, Stefanini Digital Talent Mall.

    “Today’s workforce environment is more challenging than ever, which means speed and skill validation is critical to identifying talent for open roles,” said Stefan Baier, VP of Total Talent & Services at Stefanini. “Elevating our total talent services with AI Smart and our digital assessment tool (with integrated facial recognition technology), will reduce the recruitment cycle time, while increasing hiring managers confidence in their hiring decisions.” 

    Stefanini services clients’ talent needs with a global talent ecosystem mindset, Stefanini Everywhere. The Stefanini Talent Mall provides qualified candidates to fill job openings globally. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the technology curates automated 1-to-1 matches based on job requirements and candidate resumes. Facial recognition technology embedded in the digital assessment tool, is also used to elevate security measures, ensuring the candidate that was submitted to the hiring manager is the same candidate who took the assessment. 

    Having access to a global ecosystem of talent is no longer just a value-add component to running an affluent business, it is a necessity to remain competitive. Clients are agile and shift frequently, Stefanini has aligned its Total Talent Organization with the same mentality on how talent is delivered. With an agile mindset, Stefanini is able to think digital, and move swiftly, allowing recruiters and hiring managers to make qualitative hiring decisions with speed and confidence.

    Ten years ago, Stefanini acquired a staffing company RCG and has since only grown its total talent and digital services practice. In 2022, Stefanini assisted in recruiting 2,000 new hires for clients.

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