Revenue Cycle Leaders Unite to Establish a Community for RPA Development in Healthcare Revenue Cycle

    Benjamin Reigle

    ROYAL OAK, Mich. — Benjamin Reigle and Fitzroy Health announced the founding of Tarpon Health, a community dedicated to developing and advancing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for health care revenue cycle leaders. Reigle, the founder of RCM Leaders Forum and host of the popular revenue cycle podcast “My Good Friends,” is CEO of Tarpon Health and co-founded the company with Fitzroy Health, the New York City-based leader in launching new digital transformation companies.

    “We bring together revenue cycle innovators who want to advance automation strategies by sharing expertise, resources, opportunities, challenges, proven bots, and tools so that we can improve the performance of these mission-oriented organizations,” Reigle said. “As I’ve seen first-hand, there is nothing like the power of community to develop solutions to far-reaching challenges within revenue cycle.”

    The community’s founding members – a group of health system revenue cycle leaders – inspired Reigle to create a forum for leaders to develop industry-wide automation strategies. Their demand for shared resources led to the creation of Tarpon’s peer-based membership program, a pool of automation talent, and a platform where members can develop, test, and distribute proven bots and other solutions.

    “We are excited to be able to join a community of our colleagues focused on and seeking collaboration, efficiencies, and solutions through the development of Robotic Process Automation. We anticipate tremendous benefit from the sharing of existing tools and solutions while collaborating with the ever-growing community of healthcare organizations,” said Karen Wilson, Executive Director, Medical Billing, University of Utah Health.

    Tarpon’s membership program is currently accepting applications from leading health care organizations whose leaders are committed to collaboration and innovation.