National Defense Consortium Hires Industry Veterans to Focus on Army Modernization and Warfighter Needs

    The National Advanced Mobility Consortium (NAMC) is the preferred, proven source of ground vehicle, automotive, and intelligent systems technology for the US Military. The organization has a long history of empowering members to create technology that improves conditions for those on the front lines. The consortium is building on this legacy with the addition of two experts on military technology—Retired Colonel Warren Sponsler, who brings over 26 years of Military experience, and Staff Sergeant Dr. Matthew Foglesong, a Marine Corp veteran with over 14 years of service. 

    “The focus of these new positions is to elevate our members’ technologies in the defense space,” said Alissa Roath, NAMC’s Executive Director. “Both Sponsler and Foglesong bring a wealth of knowledge around Government acquisitions and have extensive experience in getting technology fielded.” 

    The consortium has 500+ members from various industries, including academia, nonprofits, traditional and non-traditional defense contractors, and more. These organizations are dedicated to the development of manned and unmanned autonomy-enabled Ground Vehicle Systems and related technologies for US military personnel on the front lines. To facilitate this, NAMC focuses on providing members with access to innovative projects, like Mission-Driven Innovation Studies (MDI), Ecosystem and Architecture Initiatives, Soldier Innovative Workshops (SIW), and Market Research Demonstrations.

    Warren Sponsler (COL-R), joins NAMC as their Senior Director of Strategic Growth and Communications. He brings a unique perspective to the NAMC leadership team with his nearly three decades of Military experience. He will oversee NAMC’s strategic communications, ensuring the organization’s role as an enabler of successful acquisitions for the Government is clear and understood.

    As a recent retiree from the U.S. Army, Sponsler has 26+ years in commissioned service leading units and organizations around the world in both combat and peacetime. Sponsler has completed multiple U.S. and overseas tours with experience in Bosnia and Kuwait, in addition to three combat deployments to Iraq between 2003 and 2011. He also served as both the Senior Live Fire Trainer and Senior Brigade Combat Team Trainer at the Army’s National Training Center in Fort Irwin, California. In addition to a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering from West Point and a Master in Military Studies from the Marine Corps University, he was also selected as a U.S. Army Senior Service College Fellow with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Security Studies Program in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His Army career culminated as the Deputy Director and Chief of Staff for the U.S. Army Futures Command’s Next Generation Combat Vehicle Cross Functional Team at the Detroit Arsenal in Michigan.

    Staff Sergeant Dr. Matthew Foglesong joins NAMC as their Director of Technology. NAMC also has a unique vantage point into the state of innovative technologies being produced by members of the Ground System and Autonomous industry. Foglesong’s experience in writing strategies and the employment of technologies will elevate members’ technologies in the defense space. As a previous Government customer of NAMC’s, Dr. Foglesong has seen the impact that NAMC has had on successful acquisitions firsthand.

    Foglesong is a Marine Corps veteran, having served 14 years as a Reconnaissance Marine, finishing his USMC career as the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory, Science and Technology Division Ground Combat Element Chief and Robotics Branch Chief, and advisor to the Secretary of the Navy on autonomous systems development and integration. He is a contributing author to the United States Marine Corps’ Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations Handbook, the Department of the Navy Unmanned Campaign Framework, and the U.S. Army Robotic Combat Vehicle Operational Use Case. Upon leaving the Marine Corps, he served as the Defense Technical Fellow at Pratt Miller Engineering, where he focused on future combat systems development and integration, leading efforts for the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV), Robotic Combat Vehicle-Light (RCV-L), and Optionally Manned Tank Virtual Prototype (OMT ViPr).

    NAMC has a history of retaining mission-focused individuals. Sponsler and Foglesong will join Executive Director Alissa Roath and other long-term staff members, Andy Dallas, Deputy Executive Director, founding industry partner, previous member and past President of the Board of Directors, and Ashley Snider, Business Administration Director.

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