JVS, Kadima Offer Free Program to Help Understand, Craft and Unleash Professional Brand

    Southfield, Mich. JVS + Kadima will be offering a free webinar on Zoom entitled “Your Brand in 2022,” to help Michiganders understand and create a professional brand both clearly and concisely, to help secure their dream jobs.

    The program, which will be held live on March 7, at 11 a.m., aims to help individuals convey to potential employers their value proposition that distinguishes their skillset from other jobseekers in the marketplace. To register, go to the events page at JVS + Kadima.

    Career Counselor and Internship Employment Specialist at JVS + Kadima, Gerard Baltrusaitis, who is also one of the webinar panelists, explained that just a few years ago, a great resume could be a ticket for employment.

    “Now you need to offer up to an employer who you represent, how people identify with you – a bigger picture of who you are, which is more specialized,” he explained.

    Baltrusaitis said an example might be an accountant who might assume their qualifications would secure a job.

    “Nowadays companies want employees who can make an impact right away, which might not be a generalist,” he said. “They might be looking for an accountant with auto experience who has been working for a $5-15 million company who will be able to jump right in and make a difference. You need to brand yourself to show that you are the perfect candidate for that position.”

    The webinar will provide steps to secure a dream job such as tweaking a resume by offering a branding statement, updating LinkedIn, providing videos on YouTube and updating social media sites such as Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

    “Some people are fearful of branding, but it’s just a new way to promote yourself in the job market in as many ways as possible,” said Baltrusaitis, who will be presenting the program with JVS + Kadima Business Relations Specialist Kathy O’Bryan.

    JVS + Kadima also provides one-on-one career counselling to metro Detroiters. Contact [email protected] for more information.