PR Exec Celebrates 10 Years of Business, Highlighting Great Stories, People

    Josephine Dries

    LogoJosephine Dries describes her job in public relations as one part one part investigative reporter and one part promoter.

    “What I do it take a company that’s really good at what they do – they’re experts in their industry – and make sure that everyone gets to know them,” Dries said.

    Dries has spent the past decade building Insert Catchy Headlines, a public-relations firm based in Rochester Hills. She founded the company in 2005, and it’s been the most difficult and most rewarding job in the world, Dries said.

    That is why Dries is celebrating her 10-year anniversary with optimism for the future, both professionally and personally. Along with her business, Dries recently welcomed her second child and is enjoying the growth of both enterprises.

    “I would like to thank every individual client and company who believed in and hired me to represent them these last 10 years; it is a privilege and honor to help you tell your message to the media and larger audiences,” Dries said. “I look forward to many more years of thrilled clients, connecting with even more media outlet representatives and humbly helping make more dreams come true.”

    Josephine Dries
    Josephine Dries

    Dries specializes in helping clients by mapping out individualized media campaigns for their specific needs. She also has been certified by the Protocol School of Washington as a Corporate Protocol and Etiquette instructor.

    Finding ways to highlight the best in her clients is one reason Dries continues to enjoy the company she created.

    “I for one have a crush on the business,” Dries laughed. “It’s about introducing them to new audiences via the media. Whether it’ s a local organic caterer that started her business because she and other moms decided they needed quick meals that were healthy and organic to the local hair salon that does a lot of nonprofit work, I’m not shy about it. … This is about getting a story and a message out.”

    For example, Dries has a client who is a financial advisor with nearly 30 years of experience. He’s a Michigan guy, local all the way. But his expertise puts him on the same level as the Big Guys in New York or elsewhere, Dries said. So her job is to put his business in front of the media as a true expert – someone who knows the industry and is accessible in ways that other hot shots are not.

    “In the media, you’re looking for someone who knows what they’re talking about and not going to give you fluff,” Dries said.

    Her dream for the next 10 years is to expand the business with new clients and new employees in the months to come – just as her family has business have gotten larger, so have her goals. “It’s an exciting adventure. I’ve loved it every step of the way. It’s my ticket to freedom; I’ve just run with it,” Dries said.