How to Perfect Your Handshake in 10 Easy Steps

    Mastering a proper handshake is essential to not only greeting someone when you first meet but it also seals nearly every deal, serves as the start of many all-important interviews and acts as a polite way to end a conversation.

    As today is National Handshake Day, it is an ideal time to review what makes a great handshake. Should you have a firm hold? Do you hold on for a second or more?

    Denise Dudley is an expert on how to shake hands like a pro. Dudley, career guru and author of “Work It! Get In, Get Noticed, Get Promoted,” says there are definite rules for shaking hands properly, and if you do it right, you will leave a great impression from the start.

    Here are her 10 steps for the perfect handshake:

    1. Introduce yourself before extending your hand
    2. Extend your right hand toward the other person’s right hand
    3. Point your thumb upward and toward the other person’s arm
    4. Slide your hand all the way into the other person’s palm, and wrap it around his or her hand
    5. Grasp the other person’s hand firmly, and gently squeeze once
    6. Pump the other person’s hand a time or two to show sincerity
    7. Hold the handshake for two to three seconds and then break the grip
    8. Look the other person straight in the eye, and don’t break eye contact
    9. Smile
    10. Continue with pleasantries once you’ve begun the handshake