For the Guys: Guide to Dressing for Men Made Easy

    Rod Brown is like a Metro-Detroit version of “Fashion Police,” only much more polite and less controversial.

    The Shirt Box 1What we mean is that Brown, co-owner of The Shirt Box in Farmington Hills, Mich.,  knows what works on a well-dressed man. And he can spot what’s wrong from a few miles away.

    If you want to look good at work and otherwise, Brown is your guy. To that end, he says there are a few good basic rules to follow when it comes to men’s fashion and dressing. So we asked him to write up some basic tips to get us started. And he’s going to contribute a regular batch for your reading pleasure.

    Here are some you should check off each morning you get dressed in the words of Rod Brown:

    The Shirt Box 3• Leathers always match! What am I talking about? Your shoes and your belt. Wearing a black shoe demands you wear a black belt. Likewise, brown shoe means brown belt. It’s that simple!
    • Clean your shoes! This could be as simple as wiping them off with a moist towel or better yet, polish them. Hey guys, here’s a secret you didn’t know: One of the first things women check out on a guy is his shoes!
    • A proper fitting shirt and suit are critical! Don’t walk into work or play looking like you are wearing your Dad’s clothes. The neck of the shirt when buttoned should give you about ½ inch to ¾ inch most (enough for about two fingers to fit). The cuff of the shirt should hit about 1 inch beyond your wrist bone. The taper of the shirt is also important. If you are slim, then wear a tailored fit shirt.
    • Contemporary is key! This means flat front pants, narrower lapels on jackets and ties that do not exceed 3 ¼ inches in width at the base of the tie.

    When in doubt, ask your haberdasher!