Flying This Holiday? Check Out Minute Suites at Your Local Airport

    Nothing puts a damper on the happiest time of the year like a delayed flight and an overcrowded terminal.

    That is where Minute Suites comes in. The company, which has locations now in Atlanta, Philly and Dallas Fort Worth, describes itself as a sanctuary for weary travelers stuck in airports due to delays and cancellations.

    Suites 1The company is located past security at select airports and offers rooms for rent equipped with a day bed sofa, TV, computer etc. so travelers can get away from the crowds and get work done or just rest and relax before their flight.

    We asked CEO of Minute Suites, Daniel Solomon, to give us a rundown on the business.

    Q: Where did this idea come from? It’s one of those things where you say, “Of course! Why isn’t that already around?”
    A: The seminal idea came from co-founder, Dr. Lisa Arbisser. Her frequent domestic and international travels led her to the initial concept of a private retreat for travelers. Convinced that the benefits of sleep and relaxation could be delivered in airports, we set out to provide a wellness-based solution to the stress and fatigue caused by air travel. As physicians and healthcare professionals, we focused on sleep physiology as the core to our business model. The company envisioned a secure, dark and quiet environment to encourage napping. Of course our suites offer more than just a place to get some quality shut eye, travelers can get work done or just relax in the comfort of their own suite.

    Q:  What was your worst travel experience and how could using Minute Suites have avoided that?
    A: My worst experience was actually not my own but my daughter Rachel’s. She was 18 and it was her first trip traveling alone. Bad weather diverted her plane to another city well after midnight. Faced with the prospect of sleeping on the floor in the airport in the company strangers, she called her Dad.  After 3 hours on the phone and concerned for her safety, we finally secured a local hotel room at an exorbitant fee. A Minute Suites at the airport would have been a much better solution!
    Q:  What is your growth plan?
    A: In 2016, we expect to add a second location at DFW and are looking into opening a location in the New York area. Over the next five years, we forecast Minute Suites locations in most major hub airports in the U.S.

    Q: What else do you want people to know?
    A: We have recently became the official Nursing Stations in the airports’ where we are located, meaning that nursing mothers can use a suite for 30 minutes at no charge! After the 30 minutes are up, if they choose to stay in the suite, we offer them a discounted rate. Also, our guests would tell you that the Minute Suites travel experience is one of unsurpassed privacy and service that you can’t find easily in an airport.