5 Ways to Boost Your Brand with Instagram Stories

    Everyone knows Instagram as the social media platform for pictures and witty captions. But many businesses and organizations are using Instagram to tell their stories, share information and create loyalty with customers as well.

    According to one social media expert, the competition to get attention from people on Instagram is generally tough. However, there are some things brands can do to boost their presence on the platform.

    Ignite Social Media, with offices in Michigan and North Carolina, has put together top insider tips that will help brands increase visibility without the overwhelm.

    Founded in 2007, the agency is a woman-owned business and one of the world’s first social media agencies. Ignite Social Media designs and executes strategic social media marketing programs for some of the world’s largest consumer brands including Samsung, Altar’d State, P&G, Visit the Outer Banks, and Shure.

    Here are its suggestions:

    Show off Savings: Have a sale to promote? Show off short-term deals in stories to catch the attention of your audience and show a sense of urgency.

    Highlight Something Special: Use the highlights feature to bookmark outstanding content for your audience or new users to go back and check out later.

    Step Away from the Norm: Go behind the scenes to give your audience an honest glimpse of what happens with the brand they follow. Pull back the curtain to give them an inside look at what happens in this unique space, unlike traditional marketing tactics.

    Ask Questions: Make your Stories interactive with the polling feature to see what your audience is into. The “this or that” like feature is easy to create and even easier to use.

    Go Live: Create organic content that your audience can follow along with. Some examples include live tutorials and  event streams. Going live can create conversation, while giving your audience a closer look at the products you sell.