Fuse Technology Develops Electronic COVID-19 Screening System

    Fuse Technology Group software developers have worked around the clock to develop a new electronic Covid-19 Employee Screening check-in system they say can be used across all sectors and can be easily modified to meet all local and state requirements in any state.

    The system works two ways: 1) Self-service mode using computers, tablets, or smart phones, or 2) checkpoint (kiosk) mode, for use before employees or guests are even allowed to enter a building. After logging in, employees or guests simply follow the interactive prompts to complete the quick screening.

    This critical new process is a simple, daily Covid-19 employee screening system used to not only protect employees, but also to protect businesses in the event of lawsuits and legal actions. Employee screening requirements throughout Michigan and the U.S. have already been in effect for almost every organization that has been deemed essential, but is now required for those businesses just now returning to work.

    Fuse Technology Group’s interactive, cloud-based technology makes it easier for any business to stay compliant with quickly changing regulations, monitor the safety/wellness of employees, go paperless to stay clean and green, and ensure staff compliance. All data is stored in a safe and secure, central location that management/HR can easily access and report on, in the event that data is required at some point in the future.

    “As operations across the state and country begin to slowly re-open, every industry from manufacturing to healthcare to foodservice, etc. are now being required to comply with many new processes and procedures for both the protection of their staff and business,” said Kevin Gravier, Fuse’s head of software development. “As an employer, we understand how important our employee’s health is to staying open. We developed this new, easy-to-use system to help businesses across all sectors keep their business moving forward – it’s the new normal.”

    For more information about Fuse Technology Group and interviews with Kevin Gravier, please call 248/545-0800 or visit www.fusetg.com.