Davenport offers free workshop to help teachers enhance online instruction

    Davenport University announced today that it is offering Michigan PreK through 12 teachers a free virtual workshop, based on a graduate-level course, to support the creation of online coursework for their students. The program addresses barriers and challenges teachers face when providing instruction online as well as helps them create a Virtual Learning Map for effective online PreK-12 instruction.

    “The pandemic has exposed a key opportunity for teachers in our primary schools to utilize online education to support student learning,” said Dr. Richard J. Pappas, president of Davenport University. “Online teaching poses unique challenges for teachers and we have the tools and resources to aid PreK-12 learning and keep students on track in their educational journey.”

    The workshop will walk teachers through digital platform options for learning and assessment as well as facilitate development of instructional practices to engage and assist learners to connect with course content. The program will offer three 2-hour sessions covering three specific topics:

    · July, 21, 2020, 10 a.m. to Noon, Session 1: Tools of the Trade-Interact with digital tools that foster immersive and diverse online learning experiences.  Pre-K-12 teachers will tour tools for collaboration and discussion; assessment and feedback; and captivation and creation. Digital Tools of the Trade within this workshop include, but are not limited to, Google Drive, Seesaw, Kahoot!, Pear Deck, GooseChase EDU, and Popplet.

    · July 22, 10 a.m. to noon, Session 2: Culturally Responsive Teaching in the Virtual Space – Learn strategies to optimize student engagement online by incorporating cultural context.

    · July 23, 10 a.m. to noon, Session 3: Virtual Learning Maps Supporting Student Success – Learn how to apply digital tools and strategies for lesson planning through the creation of Virtual Learning Maps.

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    “We are leveraging graduate-level course work from our College of Urban Education to offer a free workshop to support Michigan educators in providing effective online and blended learning experiences for their students,” said Dr. Susan Gunn, Dean of the College of Urban Education for Davenport University. “We can help teachers identify and deploy key strategies that ensure students are making progress outside the traditional classroom.” 

    Davenport’s College of Urban Education specifically focuses on the preparation and development of professionals serving urban schools. Its programs foster the development of relationships, knowledge and skills that lead to highly effective teaching and leadership. The college’s intensively supported “on-the-job” training method prepares teachers to differentiate their instruction to reach all children, especially those from underrepresented and underserved communities.

    Teachers or school administrators interested in participating in the workshop can register at davenport.edu/K12online. Everyone who participates will receive a Certificate of Completion and two SCECHs for each session completed, and six SCECHs awarded for completing the entire workshop. Participants must register for the class by July 17.