How to Avoid Personal and Professional Mistakes When Using Social Media

Sometimes, it can seem like “social graces” are becoming a thing of the past as users Tweet and post opinions and information in the virtual world that they would not likely share in their immediate social circles. National speaker, communication expert, professor and author Leslie Shore sees the trend as well as the impact on […]

How To Know You’re Getting The Most Out Of Social Media Marketing

Businesses, professionals and others who use sociall media to promote a brand often are unsure whether what they’re doing is effective. Their usual ways of measuring success – such as how many leads or sales were generated – don’t really apply and that leaves them puzzled. “Even people who are enthusiastic about social media aren’t […]

Are You Prepared To Tell Your Company’s Story?

Have you ever had that dream where you find yourself on center stage and can’t remember your lines? Everybody is staring at you and recording everything you do. You’re not prepared and the stage fright starts to take over. In today’s world, this nightmare often becomes a reality. Everything you say tells the story of your brand. There […]