Employers Who Hire and Train Veterans Receive Honors from Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency

  Recruiting employees from Michigan’s population of U.S. veterans is a daily task, finding the right hires and getting them on the job. That daily grind and the rewards that come with it is worth honoring, and that is exactly what the Michigan Veteran Affairs Agency recently did. A record 157 job providers were honored […]

Football Helmet Manufacturer Taps Students to Innovate Football Safety

What happens when a group of creative students is challenged to research, design and, in some cases, redesign football-safety equipment? You get an amazing partnership that changes people’s lives at all levels. Xenith, an innovative Detroit-based football helmet and equipment manufacturer, and the College for Creative Studies (CCS), a private, fully-accredited college, have wrapped up […]

Volunteers Swarm Downtown Boxing Gym to Support Its Youth Programing

Summer typically is a time for students, teachers and mentors to slow down, take a break and recharge during the warmer months. But at the Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program, summer also means cleaning up, thinking ahead and prepping for another big year. Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program proves its motto “Books over Boxing” on […]

Want to Attract Millennials to Your Company? Try Rethinking Your Office Design

For most newly graduated millennials, college is still fresh in their minds and hearts. They likely enjoyed that environment, mixing their hard work with open spaces, working in open areas and completing projects independently. However, when this same group of young people enter the typical workplace, they find those habits they developed in college are, […]

Detroit’s Leadership Shares Hopes, Dreams in ‘City as a Startup’ Conference

Here’s something you don’t expect to hear out of a CEO’s mouth: That without Detroit’s neighborhoods taking part in the city’s overall revitalization, the whole downtown will tumble. It’s one of those things that when you attend a conference like Wednesday’s Venture for America “City as a Startup” that makes you do a double take. […]

Employee Volunteers Working Alongside Detroit’s Osborn Neighborhood Create Massive Change

What can 6,000 employees from some of Metro Detroit’s most powerful companies do in just five days? A ton of work that can change lives – both for the volunteers and for the people of Detroit. Together through the direction of Life Remodeled, Quicken Loans along with General Motors and a plethora of other groups […]

Michigan Companies Rank High on New ‘Best Places for Millennials to Work’ List

Many employers puzzle over what the millennial generation wants at work – but few people actually thing to ask them directly. That is where the “Great Places to Work” survey comes in. Together with Fortune magazine, Great Places to Work asked the employees themselves, creating the 2015 list of the 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials […]

Massive Volunteer Partnership Unites Life Remodeled and Quicken Loans to Boost Detroit

Education, it could be argued, must be the backbone of Detroit’s recovery. Without an educated workforce, there will be no one here to take the new jobs that the city’s businesses – large and small – are creating. That is why the work this week of Quicken Loans and Life Remodeled is so important, we’d […]

Detroit Blight Removal Task Force Sets Goal of Eliminating All Blight in the City

An eight-month effort to figure out the monetary, emotional and practical aspects of Detroit’s blight problem has resulted in a 330-page book and a comprehensive action plan that the Detroit Blight Removal Task Force hopes will set a path to remove all of the dilapidated houses, commercial buildings and vacant lots within the city’s 139 […]