Troy Company Named One of Fortune’s 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials

Imagine this: Half of your company’s employees are Millennials, that age or generation known for its ingenuity, strong opinions and social activism. For some old-school businesses, that might be a challenge. But for Troy-based United Shore, having a large population of Millennials in its workforce is a dream. And it shows in its employee benefits, […]

Opening a New Location? Here’s Why You Should Relocate Millennials

A stable economy has given many business owners reason to think about expansion. Successful expansion hinges on having talented boots on the ground in your new market. But in a competitive job market, businesses may not have the flexibility (or brand awareness) to recruit directly from wherever their new operation will be. Instead, business leaders […]

Want to Attract Millennials to Your Company? Try Rethinking Your Office Design

For most newly graduated millennials, college is still fresh in their minds and hearts. They likely enjoyed that environment, mixing their hard work with open spaces, working in open areas and completing projects independently. However, when this same group of young people enter the typical workplace, they find those habits they developed in college are, […]

Michigan Companies Rank High on New ‘Best Places for Millennials to Work’ List

Many employers puzzle over what the millennial generation wants at work – but few people actually thing to ask them directly. That is where the “Great Places to Work” survey comes in. Together with Fortune magazine, Great Places to Work asked the employees themselves, creating the 2015 list of the 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials […]

Heads Up, Millennials: You Can Start Your Own Business, Author Says

Hey, millennials: Why aren’t you interested in starting your own business? Statistics show that the millennial generation appears less interested than previous generations in starting their own businesses, preferring instead to find work with established companies. In 1989, 11.6 percent of households headed by someone younger than 30 held a stake in or owned a […]

27 States Adopt Benefit Corp Laws; Michigan Still in Limbo

Benefit Corp legislation has been proposed in the Michigan legislature since 2010. Nationwide, 27 states have adopted the business designation that makes social and environmental impact part of your articles of incorporation. Another 14 states are expected to pass the legislation in 2015. Is Michigan missing out on investments and new companies that want to form as Benefit Corps?