Five Employee Tips for a Healthy and Productive Workday

Sitting behind a desk all day can be harmful over time, however, an investment in employee health can help reverse this harm. A Willis Health and Productivity Survey found that 93 percent of healthier employees led to more productivity, engagement and satisfaction at work. This has led to more employers starting, or expanding, workplace wellness […]

Steal This Idea: Company Promotes Wellness with Mobile Stress Solutions Truck

Companies of all sizes are focusing on workplace wellness, investing in a variety of approaches to provide a positive, healthy environment for its employees and to encourage healthy lifestyles among all of their workers. BNP Media recently began working with MeditationWorks — a mobile stress solutions truck — as a way to promote positivity and […]

Four Reasons Why Your Company Should Try Virtual Care

Virtual care, or telemedicine, is rapidly growing in health care because it is convenient, time-efficient and affordable for many businesses. According to the American Telemedicine Association, more than half of all U.S. hospitals currently have a telemedicine program and by 2017, about 70 percent of employer’s plans will offer telemedicine services as an employee benefit. […]

How to Get the Biggest Bang for your Buck with Meal-Delivery Kits

From innovative start-up concept to billion-dollar industry, meal-kit delivery services are an increasingly popular option for those looking to reduce the stress of nightly meal preparation. But health-conscious consumers should know what to look for before committing to a program, recommends Shannon Szeles, registered dietitian-nutritionist for Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak. “Eating healthy, through one of […]

5 Ways Companies Can Support Healthier Employees in the New Year

As companies ring in 2017, employees will return with a sense of rejuvenation, hope and determination. This is going to be the year they improve their health. Those businesses that provide them with a comprehensive wellness program may be their ticket to a happier, healthier tomorrow, says Amy Ritsema, co-founder of OnSite Wellness. Ritsema is […]

What’s Your Workplace Wellness Return on Investment?

Workplace wellness is an overall partnership between employee and employer, especially since an individual’s health is such a personal issue. Investment in wellness, with proper communication, can create strong bonds between employers and employees. Previously viewed as a courtesy versus a necessity, employers are now recognizing the value in investing in their employees’ health, says […]

Here are 10 Wellness Ideas Small Businesses Can Try to Boost Better Health

Many employers may think that wellness programs are too expensive to provide, especially for a small business. However, lack of a wellness program may cost businesses even more. According to Kandi Lannen, director of wellness at Priority Health, wellness programs lower company health care costs, improve work flow, increase employee morale and enhance company benefit […]

Jump Start Employee Wellness for Global Health and Fitness Month

Research shows that employees who are engaged in their health and wellbeing are less likely to be absent from work and more likely to be productive while at work. In fact, American Journal of Health Promotion reported that wellness programs contribute to 25 percent lower absenteeism, and lower health insurance, workers’ compensation and disability insurance […]

Feeling Sluggish? Here are Seven Tips to Improve Your Health at Work

Being at work shouldn’t damage your health. There are many simple, low-cost ways to incorporate health conscious activities into your work day without consuming extra time. That’s the advice of Kandi Lannen, director of wellness at Priority Health. Lannen is responsible for helping the organization earn Wellness and Health Promotion (WHP) accreditation with performance reporting […]

Forget Making New Year’s Resolutions; Make Lifelong Changes Instead

In theory, New Year’s resolutions are great. Everyone should all try to better ourselves as they go forward in life. In reality, however, these well-meaning goals set most people up for failure. Out of the 40 percent of Americans who make resolutions every year, only eight percent will succeed and carry their resolution out the […]

Here’s Your Holiday Weight Maintenance Survival Guide

Chances are you’ve got a few calorie-heavy events on your work schedule, whether it is a company holiday party, office cookie exchange or lunchtime potluck. So how do you balance those tasty treats with a healthy lifestyle? That’s where we asked Medical Weight Loss Clinic for some help. Medical Weight Loss Clinic (MWLC), headquartered in […]