Bike-Sharing Programs Moving Into Cities to Ease Commutes, Offer Healthy Travel Options

Maybe you want a two-wheeled commute. Maybe you walked to your meeting and need a faster way back to the office. Maybe you just need a mid-afternoon break. Whatever the reason, more cities are adding bike-sharing programs to their downtowns and neighborhoods to help people find convenient and healthy ways of getting around town. Along […]

Talk About a Bonus: Ann Arbor Company Shares Its Success with Its Employees

Every company has a reason to celebrate at year’s end – they could honor their yearly success, talk about their employee efforts or think about the work to come and how they’ll accomplish even more in 2017. One company did all that and more. On the heels of a recent recapitalization, Avomeen Analytical Services, a […]

Ann Arbor Professor and Landscape Expert Receives National Garden Club Honor

Every industry has its honors – singers receive Grammys, actors covet Oscars. And gardeners? They hope to become members of The Garden Club of America. Recently, Robert E. Grese, Theodore Roosevelt Chair of Ecosystem Management at the University of Michigan and director of the Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum, was named an honorary member […]

Now That’s Neighborly: Beer and Fitness Mix Together Quite Well

As summer swings into gear, fitness-minded individuals can be found everywhere. Whether it’s fitting into the perfect swimsuit or staying healthy, there’s a reason to fit a workout into a daily routine – and that’s not always easy when you work non-traditional hours. The owners of Grizzly Peak Brewing Company and the Old German in […]

Laugh and Learn: Comic Tackles Tough Subjects with a Sense of Humor

As a comedian, Amer Zahr has performed throughout North America and the Middle East – but he’s about to face his most challenging audience yet. This spring, Zahr will be teaching a new class at the University of Detroit-Mercy Law School titled,” Arab Americans and the Law.” The course will explore the journey of Arab-Americans […]

From a Deli to a Flatbread Dynasty, Saline’s Flatout is Baking Up Success

Flatout bread can be found in hundreds of supermarkets nationwide – but did you know that it is made here in Saline? That’s right – one of the most successful “flat” breads comes from Michigan, where Mike and Stacey Marsh are constantly adding products, hiring new employees and building onto their wholesale baking facilities on […]

A Cup of Tea Reflects Craft and Community for This Attorney Turned Entrepreneur

A cup of tea may be one of life’s most familiar and comfortable beverages – its warmth and flavor serve as a soothing force against cold nights, cold viruses, cold hands or anything else that ails you. Under the careful management and reverence of Joe Uhl, tea takes on another important yet overlooked purpose: To […]

Golfing Provides an Outlet for Exercise, Building New Relationships for Doctor

Certain professions come with stereotypes. Journalists are notebook hoarders (true). All lawyers are sharks (not true). And every doctor is good at golfing (true with some exceptions). Dr. Kathleen Gilmore, a nationally known body-sculpting expert, is all about golf. In fact, she’s so good at it that she’ll play all takers. And you’ll quickly find […]