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People solving a problem

Proper Planning is More Than Asset Allocation

Here’s the thing…good planning avoids conflict. But, good planning is much more than asset allocation. Advisors implore their clients to plan for the future. They often use disturbing techniques like horror stories of deplorable outcomes due to a lack of planning. Usually the disturbing track is about a loss of money either to the tax […]


‘Woman at the Wheel’ Candler Left Trailblazing Legacy

If you’ve read about cars for any length of time, chances are you’ve read an article in a magazine or newspaper penned by Julie Candler. In Corp! magazine and other publications in the Detroit area and nationally, her stories covered the many facets of the auto industry. Candler was the first woman to write an auto column for a major woman’s magazine; her “Woman at the Wheel” column ran for 18 years in Woman’s Day.


Pure or Impure Michigan?

Score another victory for those businesses wanting to locate in Michigan, but now won’t consider it. The reason this time is not labor, a perceived shortage of skilled workers or the climate. This time it’s the water. Yes, Flint’s crisis of tainted water would turn businesses away from locating here. This is how we move it forward.


The Spare the Air Employer Program helps Bay Area businesses get their employees to work through carpooling, transit and biking. Save by reducing payroll taxes for each participating employee. Commuter benefits improve employee morale and productivity. Employees save up to 40% on transit and vanpool expenses using pre-tax dollars. Biking or walking to work is healthier, reducing insurance claims and sick leave.

Conceptual rendering of the streetcar in Downtown Detroit.

M-1 Rail’s Bold Look Back to the Future

Detroit 2016: Six 60-foot cars will be traveling 3.3 miles up and 3.3 miles back, stopping every 7-10 minutes at 20 different points on Woodward in Detroit. Designed to be pedestrian friendly and part of the fabric of downtown, the M-1 Rail cars will share the road with traffic and cyclists and allow people to jump off and jump on. Different people, different backgrounds coming together. This is a positive, bold vision for Detroit.