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Steal This Idea: Scholarship Fund Highlights Talented Michigan Students, Volunteer Efforts

How do you ensure young minds expand and grow? You invest in them, show concern for their future and do what you can to enrich that talent. That is what the Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Program tries to do annually. This year, Comcast NBCUniversal awarded approximately $99,000 in scholarships for the 2017-18 school year to […]

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The Southfield MLK, Jr. Task Force, Inc. will sponsor the ‘Freedom Ride’ for middle and high school students through historical civil rights sites in Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Washington, D.C. The Task Force launched a fundraising campaign for students to participate at no cost.  

American Diabetes Association Honors Local Dads with Father of the Year Awards

Fathers hold a special place in a family and in the world. And as the nation celebrated Father’s Day recently, the reasons why Dads are so important is clear in our collective minds. Many may celebrate with dinner, buying Dad a tie or a “Best Dad Ever” mug. But Tom O’Brien, platform director for global […]

Celebrating growth in Michigan continues with this year’s Economic Bright Spots

Heading toward the second half of 2017, Michigan’s economic fundamentals are strong. For instance, the state’s unemployment rate stood at a solid 4.7 percent in April, and personal income in 2016 increased by 3.6 percent in Michigan, which matched the national average and was the second-fastest increase among the Great Lakes states, according to the […]

Steal This Idea: Employees Receive Surprise Shopping Trip in Fun Office Raffle

Imagine how you would feel if your boss walked up to you, handed you a gift card and told you that you were heading to your favorite mall for a shopping spree. That actually happened to Todd Solgat, a senior graphic designer at United Shore and one of the eight winners. Recently, the Troy-based company […]

‘Bring Out the Good Month’ Helps Employees, Community Organizations

It’s often said that an afternoon walk during the workday is more energizing than an extra cup of coffee. So what happens when you combine work, a walk and a great cause? The result is a high-energy event that brought together many Allstate volunteers for a truly good deed. Nearly 30 local Allstate employees and […]

Adient’s First Timer Talks Investment, Economic Opportunity at Mackinac Policy Conference

He admits it: Glen Ponczak, Adient’s vice president of communications and investor relations, is a newbie to the Mackinac Policy Conference. It’s his first time attending the event, which takes place on Mackinac Island the end of May. “While I have been with involved with the auto industry for 30 years during my tenure with […]

Mackinac Policy Conference Takes On Politics, Connected Technology and Economic Opportunity

Starting today, thousands of Michigan policy makers, business people and media representatives will meet at the Grand Hotel for the 2017 Mackinac Policy Conference. Keynote speakers include Gov. Rick Snyder, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan as well as visionaries including Apsen Institute President and CEO Walter Isaacson, Presidential historian Michael Beschloss and Brookings Institution Vice President […]

Steal This Idea: Architect Adds Real Personality to a New Space with Historic Objects

If you want to give your office, store or restaurant authenticity, all you need to do is look around you and find ways to incorporate local history and tradition into your interior design. That’s what Pontiac-based TDG Architects did when it started working on the interior design of the Flagstar Bank Strand Theatre and Slow’s […]

DiChiera: To Inspire Creativity in Yourself and Others You Have to Make the Time

David DiChiera understands the work-life balance more so than the average American. After all, this is a man who started an opera company in Detroit, built a successful entertainment venue and composed beloved operas including “Cyrano.” This month, his Michigan Opera Theatre will conclude its 2016-17 season with “Cyrano,” the masterwork of MOT Founder and Artistic […]

Hot Dog! Detroit’s Iconic American Coney Island Marks Century Milestone

You’ve heard of anniversary celebrations for friends and family. But how does a famous coney restaurant celebrate its 100th anniversary? With coney dogs, of course. To mark the momentous milestone, American Coney Island will host several community givebacks and giveaways in the week leading up to its official anniversary on Thurs., May 18th. They include […]

FastTrack Awards Recognize ‘Gazelle’ Companies in Ann Arbor Area

Ann Arbor’s economy keeps zipping along — with no small thanks to the numerous “gazelle” companies that stand out from the herd by racking up impressive records of growth. To recognize gazelle companies that have earned their moniker by consistently achieving 20 percent annual growth, Ann Arbor SPARK — the community’s engine for economic development […]

Higher Hopes! Distributing 140,000 Pounds of Food Through Unique Meal-Kit Program

Giving people an education is a great way to give them a head start. But if they don’t have the food they need to give them the energy to go to school, to study and to excel, then those educational opportunities may be missed. That’s something that Bill Birndorf wanted to prevent. Birndorf, who founded […]

SSAB Opens New Office with Swedish Influences to Serve Local Auto Market

When you walk into the new offices of Swedish steel manufacturer SSAB, you’ll find a red horse there ready to greet you. That traditional wood-carved dala house is a symbol of SSAB’s home country, and it is a touch that makes this office unique. As part of SSAB’s commitment to expanding its business in the […]

Think You Could Create a New Ice-Cream Flavor? Here’s Your Chance

What would you put in an ice cream flavored to represent the great city of Detroit? If you have some tasty ideas, Hudsonville Ice Cream wants to hear from you. Hudsonville Ice Cream, a family-owned, Holland, Mich.-based company, is calling on metro Detroiters to help create the next flavor of its artisan-crafted ice cream through […]

Celebrating Our Economic Success, One Leader at a Time

Corp! magazine is always ready to celebrate Michigan’s economic successes. With our Most Valuable Professionals/Most Valuable Millennials/Most Valuable Entrepreneurs Awards, we recognize a group of individuals who have contributed to our state’s economic well-being in myriad ways. The roster of winners ranges from architects to attorneys to nonprofit organization leaders. These professionals are making business […]