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Veterans increasingly considered ‘top hires’ by companies

When they served in the U.S. military, the men and women of the armed forces fought to defend their nation, its ideals and its people. Now, employers throughout the country are fighting over them, hoping to hire these skilled soldiers throughout their organizations. Michigan may be one of the most visible examples of a veteran-centric […]

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When the term infrastructure is brought up, several things come quickly to mind. Bridges, roads, pipelines, even the power grid that keeps the lights on are logical touchpoints and Corp! has featured these topics in a series of articles. But there’s another category that is getting the attention of communities in Michigan and elsewhere—the enabling […]

Program Helps University of Detroit Mercy Build a Future for Women in Engineering

Michigan, like many Rust Belt states, has long suffered from what people describe as a talent gap or “brain drain.” One area of particular concern is whether women have enough opportunity within the math and science industries. One university is working to find ways to help female engineers and other careers within the STEM fields. […]

4 Reasons Bosses Should Encourage Meditation at Work

Deep breathing. Finding a mantra. Sitting still and thinking quietly. These might not sound like things you and your co-workers might do at work – but one expert says they should be. “It’s not uncommon now for big corporations to encourage meditation during breaks and even hold meditation events during working hours,” says Dr. Barbara […]

This Husband-and-Wife Team Built a Successful Business Through Constant Communication

Holly Cutler and her husband, Dr. Doug Cutler, are what one might describe as “rejuvenation experts,” focusing their business on helping people improve the quality of their skin, health and overall well-being through trendsetting procedures and wellness techniques. Together, they run FACE, an award-winning integrative skin and wellness clinic for more than 12 years. FACE […]

In the News: Automotive Company Gets the Nod from Kiplinger’s Magazine

Every company would love for a financial magazine to call its stock “an attractive opportunity.” For one company, that description is a reality in the latest Kiplinger’s “Best Stocks to Buy Now” article. The magazine, which has a strong national readership for its personal-finance advice and stock information, recently highlighted the Michigan-based General Motors as […]

She Saw a Gap in the App Store, So She Created Her Own Solution: Coach Companion

Erika Alessandrini was working out on her treadmill when a great idea came to her – a career-coaching app she could use to help her clients. Alessandrini looked at her smartphone, and she was surprised to find there wasn’t an app that met her needs. So, like all resourceful entrepreneurs, she businesswoman decided to create […]

What Really Matters?

When I started writing EntreLeadership: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches, I asked myself the question, “What are the fundamental principles that caused my company to win?” In the process, I came up with six concepts that helped transform my business from a card table in the living room to a nationally […]

Detroit Mercy Law’s Urban Agriculture course gives students a new perspective on the city’s legal landscape

Something extraordinary is happening in neighborhoods all around the city of Detroit. Hundreds of lots formerly plagued by abandoned houses and crab grass are now home to chicken coops, flower and vegetable gardens, and large-scale drip irrigation fields blooming with crops of all kinds.    

‘Art is too important not to share’ says Brazilian born sculptor/painter

Romero Britto’s artwork – sculpture and paintings that are vivid, playful and instantly recognizable – is found in nearly every nation, has included internationally known celebrities and hangs in the homes of world-class collectors. Britto’s work can be seen throughout the U.S., including Florida (he lives in Miami), California, New York, Washington, D.C., and New Jersey. […]