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Green Becomes Gold as Cobo Center Sets a New Mark for Eco Excellence

Going green and focusing on sustainability is critical for any business, but it is especially important when you have 2.4 million square feet of space. Cobo Center, Detroit’s main convention and exhibition venue, has put a variety of environmentally friendly initiatives in place recently, and convention organizers have taken notice. Not only has the Center’s […]

Young Storyteller Finds Success with New Role as Digital Correspondent for NatGeo

As a young journalist, Erin Winters has two of the most important qualities needed to be a success in her chosen field – raw talent and unbridled curiosity. Those traits have helped the Detroit resident gain some impressive jobs and opportunities, especially with her work at television station Fox 2 in Detroit. Now, she’s going […]

Employer Health Plans: Helping Employees Understand Their Benefits

Nearly 67 percent of Americans are enrolled in health insurance through their employer, according to the 2015 U.S. Census Bureau. However, health insurance is complicated. Your employees shouldn’t be challenged with the jargon and tough-to-follow stipulations of their health plan. Additionally, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found that a large number of Americans enrolled in […]

Relishing the Perfect Storm

In March, Stefanini, a $1B global IT provider, announced Spencer Gracias as the new CEO for the North America and Asia Pacific regions. Working from the company’s U.S. headquarters, Gracias is tasked with the huge job of implementing Stefanini’s strategic plan to serve as a “digital transformation agent” for its clients. Gracias – who previously worked […]

Wondering What to Eat for Lent? Try This Tasty Salmon Salad

Whether out to eat or dining in this Lent, those who adhere to the Lenten tradition are seeking creative and delicious fish options. The Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern’s location in Bingham Farms offers a variety of fish options that take culinary flavor to another level. Among its signature dishes are the Baja Fish Tacos, […]

Learning How to Laugh and Work Through Criticism is Necessary, Roastmaster Says

Get an annual work evaluation, going through a tough peer review, receiving negative feedback online – Jeff Ross feels your pain. Few people like to be criticized. However, Ross is a firm believer that you’ve got to take your hits, think about what was said and try to use the information shared constructively if possible. […]

Pushing for Prosperity

Nationwide, there are numerous cities that were once strongholds of the industrial revolution, beacons for job seekers intent on seeking new futures for a next generation. While many of those same cities eventually fell into disrepair and decline, the mantle of rustbelt worn with derision, some have now embraced a new hope. One standout example is […]

Steal This Idea: Company Promotes Wellness with Mobile Stress Solutions Truck

Companies of all sizes are focusing on workplace wellness, investing in a variety of approaches to provide a positive, healthy environment for its employees and to encourage healthy lifestyles among all of their workers. BNP Media recently began working with MeditationWorks — a mobile stress solutions truck — as a way to promote positivity and […]

California Closets to open manufacturing center in Cascade Township, invest $5.7 million and create 61 new jobs

Building on the strength of the California Closets brand, the California-based company known for its custom-storage solutions will open a new manufacturing facility in Cascade Charter Township on Michigan’s West side. The project will create an estimated 61 jobs and create an investment of more than $5.7 million in the new facility, located at 4930 […]