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Tom Stroup has the kind of business where a single phone call not only changes his plans for the day, but may require him to have as much as $25,000 in funds available at a moment’s notice. Stroup is owner of Valaset, a computer repair and restoration company. That phone call could come in from […]

Bakery Expansion Helps Business Partners Solve Problems, Grow Together

Baking even a small batch of goodies takes time, effort and, most importantly, the precise amount of ingredients. If you don’t measure well or have the best ingredients on hand, you won’t have success. That is where Hearthside Bakery recently found itself, and it knew it had to grow to keep making its beloved baked […]

Macy’s ‘Backstage’ hopes to redefine brand as it spreads across country

Bargain hunters, rejoice: Macy’s is actively expanding its Backstage The Outlet Store brand, a “store within a store” that officials say blends an “outlet experience” with a traditional department store. Intended to offer shoppers a new discount destination, the “Backstage” brand appears to be gaining traction. As evidence of that, Macy’s is opening its first “Backstage” […]

‘Incredibly Grateful’ Shinola Celebrates Fifth Anniversary of Making Watches in Detroit

Detroit is home to many iconic companies, and their names become synonymous with the city, its hard-working mentality and its overall forward-thinking attitude. They range from classics like R.L. Polk to tasty foodies like Better Made Snack Foods to beloved MBAD African Bead Museum. A relatively new addition to the list is Shinola – the […]

Design Mavens House Industries Brings Innovative Exhibition to Henry Ford Museum

Anyone who works with a computer – and that’s pretty much everyone these days – has searched for just the right font to help them tell a story, communicate their ideas or illustrate signs for everything from “for sale” notices, new-store openings or even television shows. Chances are, House Industries design a favorite typeface, font […]

‘Best and Brightest Companies to Work For’ Bring Joy to Workplaces

In just about any economy, most people have a choice of where they’ll spend what amounts to more than a third of their typical adult working life—the organization that compensates their time, skills and expertise with money, the resource we then trade for the other important things around us, like food, housing and those tiny […]

Author and Teacher Adds One More Accolade to Her Resume: Fullbright Specialist

Lynne Golodner has held many titles: Author, Teacher, Public-Relations Specialist, Business Owner. Now, she can add Fullbright Specialist to that list. One Earth Writing CEO and Founder, Golodner was recently named a Fulbright Specialist by the U.S. State Department, serving a three-year term beginning in April 2017. The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational […]

Five Employee Tips for a Healthy and Productive Workday

Sitting behind a desk all day can be harmful over time, however, an investment in employee health can help reverse this harm. A Willis Health and Productivity Survey found that 93 percent of healthier employees led to more productivity, engagement and satisfaction at work. This has led to more employers starting, or expanding, workplace wellness […]