How to Plan a Health Fair that Engages Employees

By Lisa Meloche
Sept. 27, 2012

A well-planned health fair can boost attendance, interaction, and improve the health of your employees.

Company health fairs are becoming an increasingly popular way to highlight the importance of health to employees. Creating an event that is well attended, educational, and supports long-term health management can be achieved by following some of the ideas below.

Planning for the event
Start planning your health fair at least six months in advance. Assemble a planning team for the event. This might be the human resources department or it can be representatives from various areas within the company. Select a theme for the event and encourage all vendors to support this theme at their table. Themes can revolve around a health related topic, a season, a charity, or a popular movie. For example, a theme Don't Gamble with Your Health provides several decorating and game ideas. Determine the best time of year to hold your event consider company peak periods and facility needs. For example if space is limited within your office, select a date during warmer weather and hold the event outside.

Gain support from executive leadership
It is critical for leadership to support the health fair and encourage employees to participate. Promote the event to leadership well in advance, encourage feedback, and involve them in encouraging employees to participate in the event. Health fair attendance can be greatly impacted if participation is frowned upon by departmental management and immediate supervisors.

Involve your insurance providers
Your insurance providers are your partners in employee health. A health fair is a great time for your employees to interact with their insurance provider to learn more about their benefits and the health resources available to them through their insurance plans. Many insurance providers have additional programs and services available specific to health fairs and employee education.

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