Bad Bridge I-96 over M-99 south Lansing.

Pushing Pipe – Infrastructure across the U.S. is in ‘dire need’ of replenishment

Bring up the issue of infrastructure and one thing starts to become very clear not long after the discussion begins: the topic itself is complex, if not complicated. It encompasses opinions from a variety of interest groups, public policy experts and even academics, all offering a perspective on where society has landed and where it […]


How to Spot an Employee with One Foot Out the Door

Whether you are a Fortune 500 executive, business owner, front line manager, or human resources professional, you know this much is true. You can’t run a thriving company without top notch employees. The fact is, success resides in the hard work, creativity and dedication of your workforce—those bright, enthusiastic, engaged employees who work every day […]


The Spare the Air Employer Program helps Bay Area businesses get their employees to work through carpooling, transit and biking. Save by reducing payroll taxes for each participating employee. Commuter benefits improve employee morale and productivity. Employees save up to 40% on transit and vanpool expenses using pre-tax dollars. Biking or walking to work is healthier, reducing insurance claims and sick leave.