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Having a dog in your office can provide a number of benefits, including boosting employee morale, relieving stress and creating a benefit that attracts top talent. Sizeable companies from American Eagle to TransUnion to Clarins have brought dogs into the workplace, and they’re finding that they gain more than “cool points” for doing so. The […]

‘Art is too important not to share’ says Brazilian born sculptor/painter

Romero Britto’s artwork – sculpture and paintings that are vivid, playful and instantly recognizable – is found in nearly every nation, has included internationally known celebrities and hangs in the homes of world-class collectors. Britto’s work can be seen throughout the U.S., including Florida (he lives in Miami), California, New York, Washington, D.C., and New Jersey. […]

Celebrating growth in Michigan continues with this year’s Economic Bright Spots

Heading toward the second half of 2017, Michigan’s economic fundamentals are strong. For instance, the state’s unemployment rate stood at a solid 4.7 percent in April, and personal income in 2016 increased by 3.6 percent in Michigan, which matched the national average and was the second-fastest increase among the Great Lakes states, according to the […]

Macy’s ‘Backstage’ hopes to redefine brand as it spreads across country

Bargain hunters, rejoice: Macy’s is actively expanding its Backstage The Outlet Store brand, a “store within a store” that officials say blends an “outlet experience” with a traditional department store. Intended to offer shoppers a new discount destination, the “Backstage” brand appears to be gaining traction. As evidence of that, Macy’s is opening its first “Backstage” […]

‘Best and Brightest Companies to Work For’ Bring Joy to Workplaces

In just about any economy, most people have a choice of where they’ll spend what amounts to more than a third of their typical adult working life—the organization that compensates their time, skills and expertise with money, the resource we then trade for the other important things around us, like food, housing and those tiny […]

Celebrating Our Economic Success, One Leader at a Time

Corp! magazine is always ready to celebrate Michigan’s economic successes. With our Most Valuable Professionals/Most Valuable Millennials/Most Valuable Entrepreneurs Awards, we recognize a group of individuals who have contributed to our state’s economic well-being in myriad ways. The roster of winners ranges from architects to attorneys to nonprofit organization leaders. These professionals are making business […]

Relishing the Perfect Storm

In March, Stefanini, a $1B global IT provider, announced Spencer Gracias as the new CEO for the North America and Asia Pacific regions. Working from the company’s U.S. headquarters, Gracias is tasked with the huge job of implementing Stefanini’s strategic plan to serve as a “digital transformation agent” for its clients. Gracias – who previously worked […]

Pushing for Prosperity

Nationwide, there are numerous cities that were once strongholds of the industrial revolution, beacons for job seekers intent on seeking new futures for a next generation. While many of those same cities eventually fell into disrepair and decline, the mantle of rustbelt worn with derision, some have now embraced a new hope. One standout example is […]