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FastTrack Awards Recognize ‘Gazelle’ Companies in Ann Arbor Area

Ann Arbor’s economy keeps zipping along — with no small thanks to the numerous “gazelle” companies that stand out from the herd by racking up impressive records of growth. To recognize gazelle companies that have earned their moniker by consistently achieving 20 percent annual growth, Ann Arbor SPARK — the community’s engine for economic development […]

Celebrating Our Economic Success, One Leader at a Time

Corp! magazine is always ready to celebrate Michigan’s economic successes. With our Most Valuable Professionals/Most Valuable Millennials/Most Valuable Entrepreneurs Awards, we recognize a group of individuals who have contributed to our state’s economic well-being in myriad ways. The roster of winners ranges from architects to attorneys to nonprofit organization leaders. These professionals are making business […]

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Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres Master of Ceremonies, Alex Lucido, kicks off the Awards Ceremony after dinner. Alex Lucido introduced the 2012 Guild Board Officers. Guild President, Paul D. Mattes says a few words of thanks. Jean Meyer, President of Adult Care Operations at St. John’s, thanks The Guild for its efforts. Guild Board Member, Ed […]

Register: Going Green Awards

Corp! will recognize the recipients of the 2011 Michigan’s Going Green Awards presented to companies and individuals who have demonstrated exemplary efforts in eco-friendly initiatives including air quality, green building/business practices and environmental stewardship. Businesses are stepping up to confront environmental problems and are working together to create more sustainable business practices.

Enjoy networking, a breakfast buffet and a panel discussion. Michigan is on the cutting edge of many Green industry initiatives. Our panel will share their insights on economic success, best practices and explore the economic trends of the Green industry.

Nominate: Best of Michigan Business

Corp! presents “Best of Michigan Business”. Use your voice to declare the Best of Michigan Business! What company is at the top of Michigan’s business community? Corp! invites our readers to tell us which Michigan Business should be named a “Best of Michigan Business 2011”. Nominations are due by January 7, 2011. Please provide as much information as possible for each nomination, such as contact name, address, phone number, and email address. Nominate as many companies as you like.

Michigan’s Economic Bright Spots Award Winners Show Innovation, Creativity and Growth

– Michigan is home to a number of thriving companies, many of them growing and expanding, according to the newest issue of Corp! magazine, which revealed the winners of its annual Michigan’s Economic Bright Spots Awards. The winners, comprised of 50 companies from across Michigan, were honored today at a special event in Troy, Mich. on Tues., June 2, 2009.

Public Dedication of Historical Marker to take place at the William E. Scripps Estate

On Saturday, May 16, state and local officials, historians, architects, and art lovers will participate in the public dedication of a historic marker at the site of the William E. Scripps Estate. The marker commemorates the site’s listing on the National Register of Historic Places, and will be unveiled by Anna Scripps, who will represent the William E. Scripps family.