CEO’s what are your hidden talents, we want to know! Arts, sports, creative, etc.

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Fitness Guru Becomes Author to Share His Life Story and Healthy Outlook

From scrubbing floors and fitness equipment to managing the day-to-day operations of big-box clubs, Dean Mitchell has held pretty much every job in his career as a health and wellness expert. Now, he’s added a new title: author. The owner of one of Downtown Northville’s successful fitness businesses, Mitchell Fitness Solutions in downtown Northville, recently […]

From Surgeon to Horse Jumper

Daniela Rodriguez, MD PLC, is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in St Clair Shores, MI. As a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), she’s great at what she does, but that’s not her only talent. Daniela is a decorated horse jumper and has been since her early childhood. She trains at the Bayside […]

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This Entrepreneur Cleans Up on the Job and On the Racetrack

Regan Ford knows it is a good idea to stop and smell the flowers – but why walk through life when you can race? Ford owns Vivid Maintenance, a company that works with businesses across Southeast Michigan from Ford Motor Co. to the University of Michigan – Dearborn. Vivid Maintenance is a facility management company […]

This Auto Worker Has an Eye for Detroit – and People are Noticing

About five years ago, Tony Majka was walking through his Brush Park neighborhood, taking pictures of the Detroit architecture as was his routine. Looking for a filter to enhance the shot, he stumbled on something called Instagram. He downloaded the app, messed around with it, posted his first picture and “Tony Detroit” was born. Fast […]

Have Bike, Will Travel: This Executive Always Takes His Wheels on the Road

It’s a word that few of us may be familiar with – but the term “merces” – (mur’sez) has deep meaning for Royal Oak business Merces Consulting Group Inc. “Merces” is Latin for pay, reward or recompense. And for company President Edmund B. Ura, working with companies to be their best and to serve others […]

This Defense Attorney Wants to be the Next Ernie Harwell

There are voices that stick in your memory – locally, people including Sonny Eliot, Ernie Harwell and Paul W. Smith immediately come to mind. Here’s an up-and-coming voice to add to that list – Neil Rockind. The criminal-defense attorney has a hidden talent for sports announcing, and he wouldn’t mind seeing his talents become a […]

This Computer Geek Can Fix Your Hard Drive and Your Golf Swing, Too

To most people, he’s Al “The Geek” Zara, owner of Geektown USA in Farmington Hills, a company that provides a full-service marketing and IT solution for small to large businesses across Michigan. But Zara also has turned his passion for high-tech stuff into another enterprise. Like most golfers, Zara is obsessed with improving his game. […]

Attorney Puts Pen to Paper and … Writes His First Children’s Book

Pretty much every kid experiments with being an author –writing a story, creating the illustrations and stapling it together to show Mom and Dad. E.M. Olson took that dream and brought it into reality. The successful business attorney just wrote his first book, “Oliver The Toaster,” which is aimed at children ages two through eight. […]

A Cup of Tea Reflects Craft and Community for This Attorney Turned Entrepreneur

A cup of tea may be one of life’s most familiar and comfortable beverages – its warmth and flavor serve as a soothing force against cold nights, cold viruses, cold hands or anything else that ails you. Under the careful management and reverence of Joe Uhl, tea takes on another important yet overlooked purpose: To […]

Improv Star Moves to L.A., But His Heart and Good Deeds Remain in Detroit

Marc Evan Jackson may have a California suntan, but he will always remember those cold, rainy or snowy gray days in Detroit. Why? Because those years in Michigan were among his most creative. Jackson is an actor, comedian and writer. These days, you may recognize him from his spots on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” or […]

From Textile Design to Auto Seating, This Color Expert is a Consumer Visionary

The worst thing you could do to Sherry Sabbagh would be to put her in a colorless room or office. That’s because color – and how it affects people and their environment – goes beyond Sabbagh’s working life. It is her passion. Sabbagh is the Design Manager for Color and Materials and Advanced Trend Research […]

‘Elf on the Shelf’ Creator Writes the Book on Entrepreneurial Tenacity

Starting a business and watching it grow is one of life’s more satisfying accomplishments. Starting a business and seeing it take off to become a worldwide family tradition? That’s the stuff of dreams. That’s what happened to Carol V. Aebersold, createor of “The Elf on the Shelf,” a book and toy combo that has turned […]

Web Designer Cooks Up ‘Best Recipes’ Mag to Boost Inner Chef

Drew Maresco knows how to build a website, putting together the right programming and components to create something interesting and compelling. The Warren native also knows how to build a recipe, putting together the right ingredients to create something memorable, appealing and delicious. It is these two talents that merged to help Maresco create his […]

Attorneys Put Passion for Families to Work as Stars on ‘Celebrity Legacies’

Appearing before a judge to present a case is tough enough. But presenting your courtroom skills before a television camera is another matter entirely. It’s all in a day’s work for the husband-and-wife duo of Danielle and Andy Mayoras, who are the legal stars of “Celebrity Legacies,” a television show that runs every Tuesday night […]

Brothers See Eye-to-Eye When It Comes to Their Entrepreneurial Dreams

Even when they were young, the Boos brothers knew they wanted to “keep it in the family” and start a business together. That was in part because Brandon and Jonathan Boos of Northville grew up in a home with entrepreneurial parents. Business is deep in their blood. For example, Brandon has a deep background in […]

Making Cakes for Family and Friends Gives This Salesman a Great Conversation Starter

Lenny Brucato is the kind of guy who doesn’t scare easily.  He can handle the changes in health care. He can talk to a crowd. And he can tackle fondant frosting with the best of them. Wait, wait. Those first couple things make sense – after all, Brucato is Priority Health’s director of sales in […]