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Young Storyteller Finds Success with New Role as Digital Correspondent for NatGeo

As a young journalist, Erin Winters has two of the most important qualities needed to be a success in her chosen field – raw talent and unbridled curiosity. Those traits have helped the Detroit resident gain some impressive jobs and opportunities, especially with her work at television station Fox 2 in Detroit. Now, she’s going […]

Learning How to Laugh and Work Through Criticism is Necessary, Roastmaster Says

Get an annual work evaluation, going through a tough peer review, receiving negative feedback online – Jeff Ross feels your pain. Few people like to be criticized. However, Ross is a firm believer that you’ve got to take your hits, think about what was said and try to use the information shared constructively if possible. […]

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Detroit’s Build Institute Celebrates Five Years and 1,000 Graduates

When you walk into Detroit’s Build Institute, one of the first faces that greets you is April Boyle, the executive director and all-around cheerleader for the small-business accelerator. For the past five years, Boyle and her capable staff have helped hundreds of people get their start in Detroit. Now, the well-respected idea activator is celebrating […]

Accomplished harpist, vocalist and lifelong educator named Kresge Eminent Artist

From the time she could stand in her crib, Patricia Terry-Ross loved to sing, dance and make music. Then, when she was in high school, she met the harp and a lifelong partnership was born. Her prestigious career, musical talents and community spirit were recently recognized by The Kresge Foundation when they named musician and […]

Family Tradition: Detroit Police Officer and Son Join Longtime Catering Business

When Phil Rodriguez approached his uncle about purchasing the family catering business, the conversation focused more on the Golden Rule than advertising or accounting. That’s because founder Chico Rodriguez wanted to know one thing before he agreed to turn over Rose Catering Inc. to the next generation, Phil Rodriguez remembers. Uncle Chico wanted to know: […]

SheHive Opens to Serve as Common Ground for Female Entrepreneurs

Ursula Adams and Andrea Clegg Corp like to tell the story of how they met and started their new business, SheHive, as something of a comic scene. “Two blondes walk into a coffee shop…” When they met, they realized just how much they had in common in terms of wanting to motivate people, specifically female entrepreneurs, […]

Detroit’s Sparkling Restaurant Scene to Pop Again with Opening of Grey Ghost

There are many banner milestones in a person’s career. For a car designer, it might be when they see their first drawing roll off of the production line. For an artist, it could be their first commission or gallery show. For professional chefs – those superstars of the food world who take fresh ingredients and […]

Ann Arbor Professor and Landscape Expert Receives National Garden Club Honor

Every industry has its honors – singers receive Grammys, actors covet Oscars. And gardeners? They hope to become members of The Garden Club of America. Recently, Robert E. Grese, Theodore Roosevelt Chair of Ecosystem Management at the University of Michigan and director of the Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum, was named an honorary member […]

Michigan’s Music Man to Receive Distinguished Achievement Award

Dan Yessian, it could be said, has written the soundtrack to many Michiganders’ lives. If you grew up anywhere in the Mitten state, chances are you heard one of his jingles – and it probably is still stuck in your head. Yessian is a Detroit composer and founder of the award-winning musical production company Yessian […]

The Fashion Accessory This Retailer Always Has? Her Trusty Notebook

Ariana Carps has what some might call a dream job; she is surrounded with the latest in fashion. As the co-owner of Rear Ends, a two-store denim and casual-wear boutique chain, Carps is always researching, reviewing and revising her fashion forecast to be on top of her customers’ needs. But when it comes to her […]

Compassion Serves as This Executive’s Compass at Work, Play

Mary Muliett is the kind of leader who cares deeply about treating everyone with dignity, respecting people’s civil rights and providing for the welfare of children, the aging and the poor. These causes, along with animal welfare, are the reason she works so diligently to help others. Her hard work and dedication to her job […]

Work Hard, Play Hard: This Surgeon is Always Looking for Something New to Learn

John M. Trupiano is like most doctors – he works diligently for his patients, stays on top of new trends and continues his education whenever possible. But the newest addition to Accents Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa in Sterling Heights also has a green thumb of sorts. No, he’s not a gardener. He’s an avid […]

Bakery Owner Expanding, Celebrating Five Years in His Labor of Love

To Sokol Karocca, baking is an extension of his love – for his family, for his employees, for his customers and for his country. Albanian born and Italian raised, Karocca came to the United States to start his own bakery after training in Italy for many years. He opened Natalie’s Bakery in Madison Heights five […]

Detroit Entrepreneur and Photographer Partner to Create ‘The Art and Craft of Tea’

“Water is the mother of tea, a teapot its father, and fire the teacher.” — Chinese Proverb Joe Uhl is devoted to his family, his friends and…his tea. And rightly so as the proprietor and creator of Joseph Wesley Black Tea, a business that celebrates tea, its origins and its consumption. To highlight the history […]

Singer, Teacher, Conductor – This is One Inspired Career Path

For Alice McAllister Tillman, performing with Detroit’s famous Brazeal Dennard Chorale is a culmination of all of her life’s experiences. Since she started with the Chorale in high school, singing became a way to express herself, to share who she is and how music makes her feel. It is a teaching moment,  for herself and […]

How Sweet It Is: Mom Turned Confectionery Celebrates Her First Anniversary

There are many prestigious titles a person can hold in the business world. But one of the most delicious might be that of CTO – Chief Toffee Officer. That is what Michelle Williamson of Mel’s Toffee and Treats calls herself, a mom who took her baking skills and transformed them into a full-time business. Mel’s […]