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What a Career: Teacher Becomes Executive Director of Leading Literary Project

What happens when you mix people who are experts in their writing and teaching professions with Detroit schools? Something truly amazing, and now the InsideOut Literary Arts Project has a new leader to continue its success. The InsideOut Literary Arts Project (iO) recently announced that Suma Karaman Rosen has been selected as the organization’s new […]

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She Always Will Be a Reporter, but Now She is Her Own Boss as an Entrepreneur

Starting over with a new career – even if the decision to move on from your long-time job was yours – can be challenging to say the least. But, as one local entrepreneur is finding, it also can hold a certain level of excitement. Jennette Smith, most recently the Editor of Crain’s Detroit Business, has […]

Steal This Idea: Employee Visualization Program Helps Engage, Motivate Whole Self

Finding time to set goals – for the short and long term – can be challenging. But studies show having a vision helps you achieve your personal and professional goals. That is where VizBe offers a solution. VizBe is the brainchild of Natalia Petraszczuk, who created, a Web app and social networking platform for […]

Venerable Art Institution The Scarab Club Names New Executive Director

For the first part of her career, Ashley Hennen worked her magic behind the scenes. But in her new role at one of Detroit’s most venerable art organizations, she is moving to front and center. Hennen, long a fixture around the city’s cultural institutions, recently was named Executive Director of the venerable Scarab Club, Michigan’s […]

This Entrepreneur Defies Definition, Working as an Architect, Restoration Expert and Building Hugger

Building Hugger’s warehouse on Detroit’s East side is a cacophony of sounds: The quiet hum of paint strippers, the aggressive whine of a sander, the steady beat of hammers. There, in the middle of the sawdust and chemicals, architect and building rehab expert Amy Nicole Swift finds herself perfectly at home. Dressed in her typical […]

Business Tips at Mackinac Conference from One of the ‘Sharks’

After Daymond John started his internationally known fashion brand FUBU in the basement of his mother’s house, she took a loan on her house to help scale his business. And she was the biggest believer that he could grow a hip-hop brand to greatness. John, a keynote speaker at this year’s Mackinac Policy Conference on Mackinac […]

Actor Turns Producer to Help Friend and First-time Playwright Put on a Big Show

When your best friend asks you to trust them, to take on a new project and try something you’ve never done before, what do you say? If you’re Siena Hassett, the answer to all of those questions is an enthusiastic “yes.” That is why Hassett, a Wayne State University graduate and experienced actor, is working […]

Switching from Laptops to Lap Dogs Has Been a Dream for This Couple

Naturally, anyone who is an expert in computers and information technology would make a career transition into working with … dogs. Believe it or not, that’s exactly what Ann and Bob Roth did when they left their careers in the IT industry to focus on opening their own business. The married couple invested in Camp […]

Finding a Solution to a Buggy Problem Created a Business for This Entrepreneur

It’s an itchy subject: Concerns over the spread of so-called “Super Lice” and the challenges treating this school-time pest has boosted the number and size of area lice-control companies across Metro Detroit. Worries that drug-resistant lice are becoming more common across Southeast Michigan and nationwide have parents, school officials and children’s caregivers seeking help combatting […]

Now That’s Scary: Teacher Turns Her Talents to Creating a Perfect Haunted House

Denise Siess doesn’t scare easily – and that’s a good thing, considering her chosen profession. Let’s just say that she works with some real deadbeats. Her work – the Realm of Darkness Haunted House in Pontiac – is well known as one of America’s best and one of Michigan’s scariest haunted houses. But what is […]

Mother of Necessity: Mom and Attorney Launches Successful Handbag Line

Her bags have hung on some of the nation’s most famous arms, showing up everywhere from New York Fashion Week, Teen Choice Awards and charity events around Los Angeles. Pretty good for a handbag designer from Metro Detroit. Annette Ferber, who built her handbag collection from the ground up, will be featured along with two […]

A Wedding, a Baby, a New Business: Event Planner Finds Success in Celebrating Life’s Joys

Every life transition teaches you something new, whether it is a new job, a new business, a new marriage or a new baby. For Lorna Marshall, getting married and having her first baby in 2006 resulted in a career transition she didn’t see coming. But the joy and fun of planning her own wedding helped […]