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One of Michigan’s Largest Non-profits Celebrates Industry Award

Industry recognition for your business is essential to both public perception of your goods and services as well as internal satisfaction of a job well done. That is why Samaritas is celebrating an award given to one of its subsidiaries on behalf of its home-care division. Home Care Assistance of West Michigan, a part of […]

She Retired, but This Former GM Exec Is Committed to Learning

Barbara J. Mahone is an expert on hiring, firing and employee relationships. She has observed the automotive industry rise, fall and rise again. She understands how business works and how people fit into an organization at every level. Those are among the reasons why Mahone was the keynote speaker for Walsh College’s 108th Commencement ceremony […]

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Steal This Idea: Caramel Company Gets Sales Blitz After QVC Appearance

You’ve got to love a company mission statement like the one that Kelly’s Karamels uses: “Create sweet moments for all our patrons, one caramel at a time.” That commitment to its customers is one reason Kelly’s Karamels is a local favorite. But the Troy-based business wanted to grow, and it has done that and then […]

Dolphin Tank Competition Highlights Dynamic Female Entrepreneurs

It could be said that 2016 is the Year of the Woman – our first female Presidential candidate; women topping the Best Sellers list; women gaining new ground in the business world. Maybe that is why the Michigan Women’s Foundation (MWF), a non-profit organization that for 30 years has been working to achieve social and […]

Grand Hotel’s Caretaker Named Regional Family Business EY Entrepreneur of the Year

It is one of Michigan’s most iconic buildings: The Grand Hotel, the stunning century-old hotel that symbolizes summer, cool porches, hospitality and family fun. Its third-generation caretaker, R.D. (Dan) Musser III, serves as both president of the state’s “summer hotel” but also as its spokesperson in many ways. He takes on this role with grace, […]

Detroit Zoo’s Penguins Stay Frosty Cold In World’s Largest Playground

The world’s largest penguin playground opened recently at the Detroit Zoo. More than 80 penguins of four varieties housed there will stay comfortably cold year round thanks to a local Michigan insulation company and a unique spray foam insulation. The zoo’s new 33,000 sq. ft., $30 million Polk Penguin Conservation Center opened April 18 after […]

What Does It Take to Be Named One Tough Cookie? It’s Actually About Kindness

The dictionary defines “tough” as the following: physically and emotionally strong; strong enough to withstand adverse conditions. That seems like the right description for Maggie Varney. Varney, the founder and CEO of Wigs 4 Kids, recently was awarded with the Southeastern Michigan Girl Scouts “One Tough Cookie” Award. The award is given out to women […]

Longtime Travel Writer Creates a Bucket List of Things to See and Do in Detroit

During the past two decades, Amy S. Eckert has visited Detroit as part of her work as a freelance travel writer. Each visit, she arrives with a set itinerary. Each time, she has some presumptions about what she will see and experience. And, like most people who experience Detroit, she leaves with a new appreciation […]

New Book about Detroit’s Car Failures Hopes to Tell the Whole Auto Story

Everyone knows “The Big Three” automakers that helped build Detroit: Ford Motor Co., Chrysler Corp. and General Motors Corp. But do you know about the hundreds of other car companies that failed? That is why Alan Naldrett’s new book is so intriguing. “Lost Car Companies of Detroit” tells the stories of the auto companies that […]

This Petite Powerhouse Packs a Legal Punch for Her Clients, Friends and Family

If you let television and other media tell you what a lawyer is like, you’d think of a tough, rough personality who is driven toward winning, no matter what. So maybe Alisa Peskin-Shepherd – a petite lady who loves to garden and play the flute – isn’t what you necessarily picture as a Super Lawyer. […]

Going Above and Beyond is Standard Practice for Townsend Hotel’s Award-Winning Staffer

Seabronetta Barr is a weary traveler’s best friend. She sees the frustration of being on the road too long and has the experience and empathy to turn that feeling into satisfaction. And that is the reason why the seasoned Townsend Hotel employee recently received one of the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau’s 20th Annual […]

Vistage Honors CEO for His Role in Supporting Other Executives Through Mentorship

It’s one thing to celebrate when something nice has happened to you. It’s even better to celebrate as a business community. That is why Corp! loves to brag about its friends and co-workers. Well, it’s not really bragging so much as honoring the hard work and sacrifice business leaders make when they become involved in […]